Lorenzo Snow, Apr 8, 1864 (Friday)

-- Apr 8, 1864 (Friday)
At a council meeting held at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaiian Islands, attended by Apostles Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow and Elders Joseph F. Smith, Wm. W. Cluff and Alma L. Smith, Walter M. Gibson, who had usurped Church authority and imposed upon the native Saints, was excommunicated from the Church. (1)

-- May 20, 1864
[Wilford Woodruff] Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow report on mission to Hawaii (2)

-- May 29, 1864
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29 Sunday I met with my Quorum in the morning And Attended Meeting in the Tabernacle. G A Smith spoke followed by H C Kimball.

Elders E T Benson & Lorenzo Snow arived from the Sandwich Islands at 12 oclok. Brother Snow Called at my House & took w[ent?] to meeting. Spoke to the people. Gave an Account of their mission. Told how they found Capt Walter M Gibson. That He had been robing the Saints upon the Islands. Had labored to build himself up instead of the Church or the poor Saints upon the Islands. He had got 3,000 Acres of Land, 3,000 Sheep many Goats, large flocks of Fowls many horses &c. He takes all these things from the Saints. After Laboring with him for several days they Cut him off from the Church & this decission was Sanctioned by the whole Church present with uplifted Hands.

He was followed by Elder Benson who Confirmed what Brother Snow had said also gave an Account of there ship wrek. There long boat while trying to land at the Island was upset by the surf and all Came Near drowning. Brother Snow was drowned. Brought out of the Sea by a Native & it took some 15 minutes to bring him to life. Many interesting things were said.

At the Close of the meeting the Presidency & Twelve met for Prayer. President Young Prayed & G A Smith was mouth. (3)

-- 16 October 1864
[Death of child] Death of Child Susan Imogene Snow (mother: Eleanor Houtz) (4)

-- During 1864
(Lorenzo Snow) When Lorenzo spoke at a public meeting three days later, a man in the audience advised, "Now Elder Snow, I am a much older man than you. You are a young man, just starting out, I see, to be a minister. I want to give you a little counsel. If you continue to talk as loud as you talked tonight, in six months you will be taken to the cemetery." He "baptized a few, very few."

He later served missions to Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri (1838); to England, where he presented a Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria (1840); and to Italy, where he translated the Book of Mormon into Italian and opened missionary work in Switzerland (1849). In 1864 he accompanied Joseph F. Smith and Ezra T. Benson to the Sandwich Isles (Hawaii), where he nearly drowned in a boating mishap. (5)

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