Lorenzo Snow, Apr 12, 1862

-- Apr 12, 1862
[Meeting with the First Presidency, and with Elders Wilford Woodruff, Orson Pratt, Lorenzo Snow, and Franklin D. Richards:] Prayer by Bro A P Rockwood. President Joseph Young stated that this meeting was convened for the purpose of hearing the statements of Bro Z. Pulsipher in relation to his being omitted from the list of the Seven First Presidents of Seventies at the Gen Conference on Monday April 7th 1862. A letter was read from Bishop Kesler of the 16th Ward, G.S.L. City setting forth that he Z. Pulsipher had attended to the solemnization of Marriage in an illegal manner in two cases over Jordan. Bro Pulsipher acknowledged that he had done wrong in relation to that which had been stated by Br Kesler. Prest. B Young explained that the commission of these Acts by Bro. Pulsipher involved him in a greater amount of transgression, than if he had lied or stolen, or committed any other overt immoral act: inasmuch as it was meddling with duties which belonged only to the Highest Authority in the Church. Prest H C Kimball said that it would be better for Bro Pulsipher to give way, then, than to feel a desire to retain his position as he had made an intrusion upon the Priesthood, and that only one man could exercise the marriage sealing power unless authorized to do so by the highest authority. Bro Pulsipher said he left the case in the hands of the Council, feeling certain, that they would do everything for his good. Prest. D H Wells, considered, that as Bro P had made a confession: it was not necessary to say much; that he (Bro Wells) had never felt at liberty to marry or seal any persons in marriage unless with the authority. Asked whether those who were sealed or married by any man illegally were not living in adultery, and would not the responsibility rest upon those who did so, and also that he if he were told that he could not be allowed to [be] sustained [in] any position, he felt no desire to ask the reason why. he was so objected, lest he should hear something that would not be very pleasing. Prest. B Young said that the ordinance of Marriage is an institution of Heaven–And that he had said what he had, on purpose to let the Council know that he was unfit to fulfill the duties of his station. Bro Pulsipher stated, that he laid his office at the feet of the Council, and wished them to do as they pleased and take his crown from him. Prest Wells objected to Bro Pulsipher imposing the responsibility of taking his office from him, upon the Authorities. Bro. Pusipher explained that he resigned his office. Bro Kimball thought the matter should be brought before the Bishop. Prest. B Young felt desirous of passing over the matter, inasmuch as it was connected with Doctrine merely. Bro Brigham moved, sec by Br Kimball, that Zera Pulsipher be rebaptized, confirmed, and ordained to the office of a High Priest or go into the ranks of the Seventies. (1)

-- 1862, July 8
Morrill antibigamy bill became law, designed to prevent practice of Polygamy in U.S. territories. (2)

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