Lorenzo Snow, 1894, November 13

-- 1894, November 13
Genealogical Society of Utah organized. (1)

-- During 1894
(John W. Taylor) After "laboring for nearly six months almost entirely in his own interests," Taylor was charged by President Lorenzo Snow to attend "more faithfully to his ecclesiastical duties, and less to his personal affairs." John W.'s business speculations brought financial ruin to several friends, including J. Golden Kimball. By 1902 Taylor's business prospects were so abysmal that the Twelve appointed Reed Smoot to persuade creditors to settle $140,000 of Taylor's debts at ten cents on the dollar. A decade later, Taylor's Mormon friends in Canada endured similar losses as his speculative schemes again collapsed. (2)

-- During circa 1894
"[T]his doctrine [As God is...] had been taught to the apostles by the Prophet Joseph Smith, although it had not been not made public until some time later." - Lorenzo Snow (3)

-- During ca. 1894
[Book of Temple Ordinances, ca. 1894; p. 18] John Willoughby and Eliza Fox, both of them members of the Church, were married in England, and had three children, he died there, and she came to Utah with her children, where she married a member of the Church, named David Moore. She was afterwards sealed to her dead husband (Willoughby,) Moore acting as Proxey and the three children were sealed to her and Willoughby. She had five children by Moore, two of them are now living and they expressed a desire to be sealed with the three dead ones, to their father (Moore) and to their mother. What should be done about this? This question was answered, as follows, by the First Presidency, to whom it was referred by President Lorenzo Snow: Taking the old Israelitish law as a basis, the children ought to be sealed to the first husband and the mother. Although the woman was not sealed to John Willoughby while he was in life, that was no fault of his as he was not within reach of facilities for the performance of that ceremony, and he did the best he could under the circumstances. When David Moore married Eliza Fox he did so with an understanding of the prior claim of the first husband, which he appears to have recognized. The sealing to the first husband was also evidently according to the desire of the woman. (4)

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