Lorenzo Snow, Jun 7, 1891

-- Jun 7, 1891
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal] I took the 7 a.m. train for Morgan City, and met at Ogden Bros. Lorenzo Snow and F[ranklin] D. Richards who went along. We were met at the station by R[onal]d Fry who took us to his house where we rested a few moments before going to meeting at 10 a.m. The forenoon services were occupied by L. Snow in a discourse as to our future rewards and blessings through our faithfulness, and then told the brethren how willing they should be to yield a little of what they might consider were their rights in order to maintain peace. To illustrate he related how he and some young men when in Kirtland [Ohio] were once taking home their sweethearts from a party, when they met a party of young men who boisterously shouted, "Turn out of the road, or we'll serve you like we did some others back there." Bro. Snow suggested that as these young fellows were probably drunk they had better turn out, and thus they did. As the noisy young fellows passed the inquiry was made as to how they had treated those who were back on the road, when they replied, "We turned out ourselves." This is the spirit in which difficulties should be settled. ... (1)

-- Oct 3, 1891
Apostle Heber J. Grant writes in his journal: "Lorenzo Snow Testified of the great work that the brethren would do and that they would live to see the Saviour come to the earth. Said the Son of God would visit the brethren and converse with them before in he came to the earth in Glory." (2)

-- Oct 19-20, 1891
First Presidency and Lorenzo Snow, Twelve's president, and Apostle Anthon H. Lund testify in court that Manifesto prohibits new plural marriages anywhere in world and prohibits cohabitation with wives married before the Manifesto and that the church will excommunicate violators. Although testimony is pulished in various editions of DESERET NEWS, all polygamous general authorities violate this by continuing to cohabit with their plural wives after 1891. In 1904 President Joseph F. Smith testifies under oath that he is in violation of both the "law of the land" as well as the "law of the church" in continuing to cohabit with plural wives. (2)

-- During 1891
(Lorenzo Snow) According to Brigham City's young Ella Jensen, "On Sunday the first of March, 1891, I was taken severely ill with the scarlet fever, and suffered very much for a week. … I then bade my dear ones good-bye, and my spirit left my body. … I heard Apostle Lorenzo Snow administer to me, telling me that I must come back, as I had some work to do on the earth yet. I was loath to leave the heavenly place, but told my friends that I must leave them. … But for a long time afterwards I had a great desire to go back to the place of heavenly rest, where I dwelt so short a time." (3)

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