Lorenzo Snow, Wed., Jun 7, 1893

-- Wed., Jun 7, 1893
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal] At 5 o'clock I went to the Temple where I met my folks, we having received permission from Pres. Woodruff to receive our second anointings. Father was there to perform the ceremony. Bro. Lyman was also there to be with his wife Susan D. Callister Lyman as she received this blessing. Father anointed and spoke the words, John D. T. McAllister held the horn, and Lorenzo Snow and John R. Winder were the witnesses. Sister Lyman was first anointed in the presence of us all, she thus being the first to receive this blessing in this building. I then received mine, and my wives followed in the order of their marriages. I felt very much pleased to be thus favored. The ordinance of the washing of feet was explained by Bro. McAllister, after the annointings had been given. I went to the President's office and spent a short time with Father talking about business, and then took John Q. to his home before I went to my home. (1)

-- Jun 23, 1893
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 23 Friday I spent the day in the Office Except I met with President Snow & the Twelve in the Temple. Prest Snow talked to the workers. I followed him & talked plain & gave my views what ought to be done in the Temple & how work should be done. (2)

-- Jul 12, 1893
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Wednesday. At a Quorum meeting in the Salt Lake Temple today President Woodruff and President Joseph F. Smith, after Temple ordinance matters were discussed, ruled that the Endowment House and St. George Temple practices should prevail in all the Temples, viz., that those persons, male or female, who had not been sealed for themselves could represent the dead in being sealed for them. I demurred against the ruling as I do not think it right, but will adopt it in the Logan Temple on the responsibility of the Presidency. It was moved by President Joseph F. Smith and carried unanimously that Lorenzo Snow and M. W. Merrill, Presidents of the Salt Lake and Logan Temples, should be the judges and decide whether women in the Church having husbands deceased out of the Church should be sealed to said husbands. After the meeting adjourned I went to the depot and took train at 6:30 for Ogden, where I stayed over night with Brother David Eccles. Went to the opera house with him and enjoyed a good play by an Eastern troupe. (3)

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