Lorenzo Snow, Mar 8, 1894

-- During Mar 8, 1894
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Thursday"–"It was decided that President Snow write to John W. Taylor, and urge him to come home to conference, and that he then attend to his ecclesiastical duties, and not neglect them as he has done the last six months." (1)

-- Sep 21, 1894
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] When I was in the Temple Wednesday I explained to President Lorenzo Snow how I came to make a speech in the Theatre and he said that he felt that I did just the right thing under the circumstances in responding to the call that was made for me to say something, and felt that there would not be any fault found by the First Presidency on account of what I had done. I have called in the office of the Presidency a number of times since Saturday and have thought if they did not like what I had done in talking at the Theatre that they would say something about it but they have not mentioned the matter and I have not said anything about it. (2)

-- Sep 26, 1894
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] Augusta and I went to the Temple this A.M. and she had her second anointings. Prest. Lorenzo Snow officiated. He married her father and mother on the plains as they were coming to Utah and I was pleased to have him officiate in giving Gusta her anointings. Bro. Jno. R. Winder & John Nicholson were present. (2)

-- Oct 20, 1894
Special Training courses for Priesthood officers and teachers and missionaries-- Salt Lake City, Utah.

This letter, directed to President Lorenzo Snow and the Council of Apostles discusses two suggestions for upgrading the educational level of two groups of voluntary workers within the L.D.S. Church (1) Priesthood officers and teachers and (2) the proselyting missionary group. The First Presidency, while recognizing the need for this upgrading of the educational level of the Saints owing to the rise in the general educational level in America as well as Europe, warn against the adoption of a program which will result in a "trained ministry." The Council of the Twelve Apostles are responsible for both priesthood and missionary groups.

Office of The First Presidency, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 20, 1894.

President Lorenzo Snow and Council of Apostles.


We have received a letter from B. Cluff, Jr., principal of the Brigham Young Academy at Provo making some suggestions in regard to increasing the efficiency of members of the different quorums of Priesthood, so that they might conduct meetings and be made more familiar with their duties, powers and responsibilities of their various offices.

A letter has also been received from Bro. John W. Young upon the same subject although written from a different standpoint in which he makes some analogous suggestions concerning increasing the efficiency and capabilities of the missionaries who go abroad to preach the Gospel.

These letters have received our careful consideration; and they have also been submitted to the general board of education. There are many features in both letters that impress us favorably. You will no doubt agree with us in saying, that any plan that can be adopted that will make our elders more capable and efficient as preachers of the Gospel at home and abroad, that will increase their usefulness and make them more enlightened in setting forth the truth, ought to be adopted by us. It is known to all of us who have had experience in the missionary field that there are very many, in fact a great proportion of those who go out, who do not do justice to the message of which they are the bearers, and do not display that knowledge of the truth and of the character of the great work of the last days that one would naturally expect them to possess in view of their high calling and of the exalted origin of the Priesthood which they bear.

It is very desirable that something be done, if possible, to make a better impression upon the world through the medium of our elders. The work of God is attracting wide-spread attention, and a different class of people manifest an interest in our doctrines than formerly. The world is also progressing in matters of education. There was a time when elders were taken from the plow, the anvil, the shoemaker's shop and carpenter's bench, or any other pursuit, and sent out as missionaries, and were very successful in reaching the people; in fact, some of the most successful of our missionaries have been men who could scarcely read or write. But since those days a great change has taken place in America as well as in European lands. Education has become very general, and in many countries compulsory. There is no reason now why any one should be ignorant of book learning, and it seems necessary that our elders should keep pace in this respect with the rest of the world. But you will perceive the danger there is of our people falling into the old ruts in which sectarians have been running for a long period of time, and adopting those spirit-killing systems which have prevailed in theological seminaries and other places where men in the sectarian world have been qualified for what they are pleased to call the ministry.

In considering these two letters which we herewith enclose, it will be necessary to guard against this evil in any plan which may be decided upon: so that in adopting a system that will afford our elders such a training as is herein indicated, it should be entirely free from any tendency likely to check the Spirit of the Lord or cause men to depend upon their own learning instead of the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Trusting you will find time to give the enclosed communications your attention and to reach conclusions concerning the subject of which they treat, we remain with sentiments of esteem.

Your Brethren, WILFORD WOODRUFF, GEORGE Q. CANNON. JOSEPH F. SMITH. {1894-October 20-Letter on file, Church Historian's Library,} (3)

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