Lorenzo Snow, Nov 29, 1890

-- Nov 29, 1890
[Franklin D. Richards] Cha[r]ley C. [Richards] & his two boys Comstock & Fesse went with me to Brigham [City, Utah], he about business of the Branch Bank, I to present my commencement of a Record of the Twelve Apostles in Mss. to President Lorenzo Snow. On hearing it read he expressed his approval in terms of admiration-to my great satisfaction. and wished me to proceed with the work as opportunity shall permit. (1)

-- Jan 28, 1891
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] [Though he is not exicted about it, Lorenzo Snow pledges his support of sugar, after which] Moses Thatcher believed that brother Snow had been inspired of the Lord to bring this matter up. Said he had felt that there was a bar between him and the President, Did not know that he would be able to control his feelings When the brethren are in trouble had always felt to come to their aid. He had entered the Bullion Beck and Champion Mine because ho felt that Pres[iden]t Taylor wished him to aid him and not because he desired to take an interest in that property. He referred to his connection with the BB&C Mining Co Referred to his lack of confidence in Badlam, Trumbo and others and felt that developments would prove the correctness of his position. ... He was willing to be judged by Pres[iden]t Woodruff or his Brethren. All that he had done had been what he considered right but he might have been wrong. He would sooner be in the current with his brethren and lose all that he had than not to be one with his brethren and retain his possessions. He felt that what brother Snow had said was right and that union was the most important thing with us as a Presidency and Apostles. GQC There have been occurrences since the death of Pres[iden]t Young that I have not had the love of my brethren and it has been very painful. After the death of Pres[iden]t Taylor I desired a mission but I was called to the Presidency ... I have no feeling against my brethren. Have been hurt by some of the things I have had to endure. I was hurt that I should be refused representation on the Board of Directors in the Bullion Beck and Champion Co. as I was one of the main shareholders. [Several times he had to stop to control his feelings.] .... (many of the brethren express feeling of former ill will over business connections) ... (2)

First Presidency and Twelve meet to discuss the sugar business. However Lorenzo Snow "said he felt there were some feelings among the brethren and wanted them settled first, so at it we went. Bros. G.[eorge] Q. Cannon and [Moses] Thatcher poured out what was in them and agreed to forgive each other." (3)

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