Lorenzo Snow, Apr 2, 1892

-- Apr 2, 1892
At a meeting of the Twelve Apostles they discuss whether or not to continue to cohabit with their plural wives. Heber J. Grant records that Apostle John Henry Smith said that "cohabitation was all right. The Lord had revealed to him that plural marriage was true and he did not want to throw off any of his responsibilities. He felt the brethren should take their wives out of Utah so that they would not be liable to the law in case they lived with them." Grant also writes, " [Quorum] Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow had nothing to day about the brethren living with their wives." (1)

-- Wednesday, Apr 6, 1892
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Conference at 10 a.m. Prests. George Q. Cannon & W. Woodruff spoke. The Conference moved from the building to the south of the Temple, where the services of placing the Capstone was attended to. Prayer by Joseph F. Smith. Music and Singing.

At 12:30 President W. Woodruff touched an electric button and the stone droped into place. I believe that sixty thousand people witnessed the ceremony.

Bro. Lorenzo Snow led the Hozana shout and the waving of handkerchiefs. It was indeed a grand sight. (2)

-- Apr 6, 1892 (Wednesday)
In the general conference of the Church, the Priesthood was arranged in the stands and the auditorium. Pres. Lorenzo Snow explained the order of ceremony at the laying of the capstone of the Temple and trained the congregation in shouting hosannah, after which remarks were made by Pres. Wilford Woodruff. The congregation then proceeded to the Temple in procession, when the capstone of the Temple was laid amid great enthusiasm and rejoicing, Pres. Woodruff pressing the electric button, which caused the stone to be lowered to its place. After the shouting of hosannah, the vast congregation, on motion of Apostle Francis M. Lyman, voted that the Temple should be finished by April 6, 1893. About forty thousand people were present and participated in the ceremonies. (3)

-- Apr 6, 1892
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 6, 1892 This was the Most interesting day in some respects the Church has Ever Seen since its organization. The Temple Cap Stone was laid with imposing Ceremonies with Electricity by President Wilford Woodruff. It was Judged there was 50,000 on the Temple Grounds.

At 10 oclok The Big Tabernacle was Crouded to its utmost Capacity. The Meeting was Addressed By G Q Cannon & Lorenzo Snow. The Latter instructed the Congregation in the Ceremony of the shout of Hosannah which was repeated several times. The following is taken from the Salt Lake Herald.

President Woodruff made the following Address:

If there is any on the face of the Earth that will Attract the Attention of the God of Heaven and the Heavenly hosts it is the one before us to day the Assembling of the people, the shout of Hosannah, The laying of the Top Stone of the Temple of our God. + [The asterisk and ellipses (below) are Woodruff's.] We want to finish the Temple as soon as we Can so we Can Dedicate it to God so we Can go to work therein & Redeem the Dead…

At the Close of the Meeting in the Tabernacle we went out By Cuorums took our place upon the stands And the whole Temple Block was Covered with some 50,000 human being. After singing a Prayer the reporter says That Wilford Woodruff President seer & Revelator of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in all the world bearing well the four score and five years and thirty 7 days have passed over his head, then arose and raising both hands to heaven proclaimed with a loud voice Harken all ye House of Israel And All ye Nations of the Earth, we will now lay the top Stone of the Temple of our God The foundation of which was laid and Dedicated by the Prophet seer and Revelator Brigham Young. He then turned and Pressed the Electric spring And the top Stone of the Center of the East spire of the great Temple was Lowered into place & the work was Comple[te].


President Lorenzo Snow then arose and preaching to the front of the platform and waving a large silk hanker chief was Joined by the multitude in shouting Hosann[a], Hosanna, Hosanna To God and the Lamb Amen Amen and Amen. This repeated three times. This was performed by some 40,00 persons with the waving of the white Handkerchefs. This was the most impressive scene of the day. After some more music the great Congregation was dismissed.

It was the largest Assembly I Ever saw meet on any occasion of the Latter Day Saints. The likenesses of the vast Assembly And the Temple & the Cap stone with Moroni blowing the gospel Trump all published in Salt Lake Herald of April 7, 1892. This was Certainly the greatest Day the Latter Day Saints Ever saw in these Mountains.

Before the Close of the Meeting There was a Copper plate presented to the Assembly By President Cannon upon which was Engraved the History of the building of the Temple the laying of the Cornor Stone April 6, 1853 gave the Names of the Authorities of that Date Then all of the Authorities of the Church at April 6, 1892. Also under this plate was Placed & under the Cap Stone was placed the following: Book of Mormon Book of Doctrins & Covenants voice of warning Spencers Letters Key to Theology Hym Book Bible Compendium Pearl of Great Price & some other Books & Photographs of Joseph Smith Hyram Smith Brigham Young John Taylor Wilford Woodruff, George Q Cannon & Joseph F Smith and of the Salt Lake Temple as it now Stands. At the Close of the Meeting it took the people a long time to Clear the ground.

Before the Close F M Lyman steped to the front of the Platform And said six months ago President Woodruff Expressed in a Council of the Presidency of the Church And the presiding Authorities of the Church Stakes & wards that He desired to Live to See the Dedication of this Temple. It was the feelings in the Harts of the Brethren that an Effort should be made to Accomplish that work. Next April it will be 40 years from the time of the laying of the Cornor Stone of this Temple And I have a Resolution to offer to Assembled Israel to day. "Believing that the instruction of Presidt Woodruff respecting the Early Completion of the Temple is the word of the Lord unto us Resolved that this Assembly pledge themselves individually and Collectively to furnish as far as it may be Needed all Money that may be necessary to Complete the Temple at Earliest time possible so that the Dedication may take place April 6, 1893. This was acepted with an uplifting of hands with a great shout. Brother Lyman Donated $1,000. (4)

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