Lorenzo Snow, October 1893

-- During October 1893
Lorenzo Snow told faithful parents that "if you succeed in passing through these trials and afflictions and receive a resurrection, you will, by the power of the Priesthood, work and labor, as the Son of God has, until you get all your sons and daughters in the path of exaltation and glory. This is just as sure as that the sun rose this morning over yonder mountains." Lorenzo Snow, "Preaching the Gospel in the Spirit World," (1)

-- Nov 15, 1893
[Book of Temple Ordinances, Nov. 15, 1893; p. 16; copy in Buerger Papers] On Wednesday Nov. 15th 1893 Presidents [Wilford] Woodruff and [George Q.] Cannon, at their office, in answer to the question put to them by Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow[,] made the following ruling. "In cases where the heads of families deceased have had the necessary ordinance work done for them and they have been adopted into a family whose relationship in the covenant connects with the Prophet Joseph [Smith], the children of such parents can be sealed to the latter. This decision includes children who are in the Church and parents were not." (2)

-- During 1893
President of the Salt Lake Temple 1893 (3)

[Lorenzo Snow] He traveled to Hawaii and Israel on church business; and he presented England's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with copies of the Book of Mormon, receiving in return their autographs, which he cherished for life. At age seventy-two Snow was sentenced to a prison term for practicing polygamy. In prison he taught classes in reading, writing, mathematics, and bookkeeping during his one-year term. In 1893 he was named the first president of the Salt Lake Temple. (4)

-- Thursday, Jan 11, 1894
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Wilford Woodruff, G. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith, Lorenzo Snow, F. D. Richards, F. M. Lyman, H. J. Grant, A. H. Cannon and myself met in Council and talked over a Railroad building scheme. The Supreme Court of Utah entered a decree today returning to the Church 439 thousand dollars. (5)

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