Lorenzo Snow, Aug 20, 1900; Monday

-- Aug 20, 1900; Monday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office, President [George Q.] Cannon was at Bountiful [Utah] attending the funeral of the late Patriarch Joseph Bates Noble.

Elder James S. Brown came to the office, desiring to present a copy of a work published by himself entitled "Life of a Pioneer," to President Snow. The book contains the biography of Brother Brown. President Snow felt that he would rather purchase a copy of the book on account of the circumstances of Brother Brown, and three copies were purchased.

Brother Bullock, of Cedar City [Utah], called. He and President Jones are owners of a coal property adjoining the coal lands belonging to the Church; and their coal lands were about to come into market requiring about $1,600 to obtain the patents therefore, and not having the money with which to prove up on the lands he desired to sell to the Church. Brother Bullock met President Snow, and after some talk it was concluded that he should formulate a proposition such as the Church could entertain and call and make it at two o'clock. Six dollars were appropriated for copies of James S. Brown's work.

At two o'clock Brother Bullock returned and met Presidents Snow and Smith and made the following proposition: He would sell for $35. an acre, with $10. an acre cash down, which amount is necessary to obtain patent. There being 360 acres, the purchase price would amount to $11,200; after deducting the $3,200. a balance of $8,000. would remain; this balance he proposed in three yearly payments equally divided each amounting to $2,666.66 without interest. President Snow took this proposition under advisement and requested Brother Bullock to call again at 11 o'clock tomorrow, by which time he hoped to confer with President Cannon regarding it. ... (1)

-- Aug 21, 1900; Tuesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office today. At 11 o'clock Brother Bullock called, and after spending some little time chatting with President Snow, the appointment with him was postponed until three o'clock, as President Cannon was engaged this morning at the Union Light and Power Company's office.

At twelve o'clock Mr. C. F. King, business representative of the Great Western Newspaper League, called accompanied by Bishop Burton. The object of the gentleman's call was to set forth the advantages to the Church held out by the papers represented by the league, by way of placing before the American public a correct statement of facts of Utah's present status. This he suggested could be done from a business standpoint, for which special rates could be made. The conversation ended by President Snow inviting Mr. King to call again this afternoon, by which time he would have conferred with Presidents Cannon and Smith.

Presidents Cannon and Smith came to the office about 12:30 o?clock and the above subject was talked over. It was decided to engage five columns in the papers represented by Mr. King, namely, The New York Sun, Philadelphia Times, Boston Journal and Baltimore Herald. It was understood that an article is to be written and signed by Mr. King and published after submitting the same for the approval of the Presidency, the cost of publishing which, according to the rates of the newspaper League would be $2,157.

The Salt Lake Herald of this morning was published by the gentlemen comprising the Newspaper league, all of the matter contained in it having been written, edited or arranged by them. It is decidedly friendly in tone to the latter-day Saints.

At three o'clock Brother Bullock called, and he was informed that his proposition was accepted. The Church attorney was instructed to prepare an agreement accordingly.

Brother Nephi Pratt brought to the office two gentlemen, brothers of J. D. and Fred Mayer, of Louisiana, whose sister came out here two or three years ago and joined the Church. These gentlemen entertain our missionary Elders, and had come so impressed with our doctrines and their sister's testimony that they felt impressed to come and visit the city with which they were exceedingly pleased. They also expressed their pleasure with all that they had seen and heard while on their visit, especially with the spirit and feeling of the people. They had a nice long

visit with the Presidency and President Cannon invited them to accompany him, some day next week, to the Lehi Sugar factory. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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