Lorenzo Snow, Nov 21, 1900; Wednesday

-- Nov 21, 1900; Wednesday
President [Lorenzo] Snow returned from Brigham City [Utah] and he and President [George Q.] Cannon were at the office.

Elder Ernest Partridge of Beaver [Utah] called at the office and reported that he had found the deed to the water reservoir site given by Kent Farnsworth to the Trustee-in-trust and desired a transfer from the Trustee-in-trust to Beaver City. After consulting with Attorney F[ranklin]. S. Richards a quit claim was given by President Snow. An agreement also, providing that Beaver City keep the reservoir up and furnish water to the Beaver Academy was drawn up by the attorney which will be presented to the Beaver City Council.

Elders Francis M. Lyman and Rudger Clawson called and made a report of their visit to Canada, and the settlement of the matters which had arisen between the canal company and some of the contractors who had done work on the canal. They reported that everything was settled satisfactorily.

Governor [Frank] Steunenberg of Idaho called and paid his respects to President Snow and Cannon. He stated that there was a friendly feeling towards our people in his state and that the recent charge of the Church interfering in politics in that state were known by the people to have been unfounded. (1)

-- Thursday, Nov 22, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy, with storm during the night. 11 a.m. Meeting at the temple. Present: Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Geo. Q. Cannon, and Apostles F. M. Lyman, Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, Jno. W. Taylor, A. H. Lund, R. Clawson, and later Reed Smoot. Singing. I was mouth in prayer, and Apostle F. M. Lyman was mouth in the circle. Song, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."

A letter was read from Prof. J. H. Paul of the Latter-day Saints College. He asked permission to reopen the college, which had been closed for some time on account of smallpox. He thought the danger [had] passed. The request was granted.

The clerk read a letter from Mr. L. T. Galt, pres. [of the] Northwest Irrigation Co. of Canada, in which he referred to the church claim of $4099 against the irrigation co. He expressed willingness to pay said claim, providing the Presidency would send 100 more families to Canada to settle along the canal. The matter was deferred for the present.

A circular letter from Elder [Samuel E.] Woolley, who is in charge of the Sandwich Islands Mission, was read by the clerk. He called attention to the fact that there would be held in Honolulu on the 12th of December a celebration commemorative of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel in that distant land. He announced that it was confidently expected that one or more of the First Presidency would be present. The matter was earnestly discussed, and Presidents Snow and Cannon were urged by all the brethren present to make the journey. They took the question under advisement.

Some views were expressed by the brethren respecting our next senator to the United States Senate. Apostle Reed Smoot reported that the articles of incorporation of the new railroad to Los Angeles had been signed, and there was now no question but that the road would go through. Benediction by Apostle Geo. Teasdale. (2)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes
2 - Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993, http://bit.ly/rudgerclawson

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