Lorenzo Snow, Thursday, Dec 6, 1900

-- Thursday, Dec 6, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Josephine sold today in Block 68 a piece of Realty for $2,000.00. She paid her Tithing. I paid our Taxes to the amount of $606.95.

President Lorenzo Snow, Myself, George Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, John W. Taylor, Rudger Clawson, and Reed Smoot met at the Temple. We had prayers. We talked over the political situation. (1)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and mild. 11 a.m. Meeting of the brethren at the temple. Present: Pres. L. Snow and Apostles J. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, J. W. Taylor, A. H. Lund, R. Clawson, and Reed Smoot. Song, "Glory to God on High." Apostle H. J. Grant was mouth in prayer,. and J. H. Smith in the circle. Song.

A letter from Apostle B. Young at Fruitland was read by the clerk. He gave some particulars in regard to the accidental death of Pres. F. A. Hammond of the San Juan Stake. He was thrown from a wagon drawn by a runaway team.

The clerk read a letter from Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon. Said that he and party had reached San Francisco in good health and safety and had made arrangements for their trip to the Sandwich Islands. A letter from Apostle M. F. Cowley was read. He recommended Elder Ed. H. Snow, pres. [of the] Eastern States Mission, for president of the St. George Stake.

A question arose regarding church publications, namely, as to whether it would be wise to combine and publish them under one cover. The publications referred to, more [blank]. The matter was discussed pretty freely, Apostles J. H. Smith, H. J. Grant, and myself being in favor of the proposition, and Apostle A. H. Lund opposed to it. It was finally decided that no recommendation be made by the council, but that the magazine companies themselves deal with this question.

Apostle H. J. Grant made some remarks in regard to Saltair and said that, in engaging a manager for next year, he thought it should be distinctly understood that no liquor should be sold there. This seemed to be the mind of most all the brethren present. President Snow said that, while he was personally in favor of restricting the liquor traffic, when we deal with people outside the church as well as those inside, we have to be wise and get along the best we can.

The question arose as to whether it would be wise for Reed Smoot, one of our number, to make an effort to secure the senatorship from Utah. Success seemed to be fairly within his reach. A proposition was made that President Wm. McKinley, Mark Hanna, and other distinguished men of the party be consulted, and, if they thought it proper so [to] do, then Apostle Smoot was to enter the race. The gentiles already have two congressmen from Utah, and it is thought that the "Mormons" are justly entitled to the third. Benediction by Apostle J. H. Smith. (2)

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