Lorenzo Snow, Dec 31, 1900 (Monday)

-- Dec 31, 1900 (Monday)
The First Presidency: Lorenzo Snow, Prophet, Seer and Revelator and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all the world; George Q. Cannon first, and Joseph F. Smith, second counselor. (1)

Trustee in Trust: Lorenzo Snow. (1)

-- During late 1900
[Thomas Kearns] In late 1900 Kearns announced his candidacy and was elected the following year by a Republican-controlled legislature. Some accused LDS Church President Lorenzo Snow of engineering the election of Kearns, a Catholic. Well-informed on mining law, Kearns also won recognition in the Senate for his support of Theodore Roosevelt's conservation/irrigation programs. He worked to secure regimental post status for Fort Douglas and for opening the Uintah Indian Reservation to settlement. (2)

-- During 1900
[Frank J. Cannon] In 1900 Thomas Kearns, with the help of LDS Church President Lorenzo Snow, was elected United States Senator. (3)

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