Lorenzo Snow, Oct 20, 1900

-- Oct 20, 1900
The Presidency were at the office. Bishop William B. Preston, Bishop Robert T. Burton, Professors Evan Stephens and John J. McClellan, the conductor and organist respectively of the Tabernacle choir, called and presented an approximate estimate for putting the tabernacle organ in a modern condition, given by Mr. Charles Klemt. The first proposition brought the cost to somewhere between $3,575.75 and $4,125. Another proposition was to repair the organ and put the pipes in good condition, moving the key board to front, adding echo organ etc., at a cost of $1,450. After considering the matter it was decided that Prof[essor]. J[ohn]. J. McClellan should write to three or four reputable firms and obtain their lowest terms for putting the organ in good condition. Bishop F. I. Jones, of Monticello, San Juan county [Utah], called and represented the condition of the saints of his ward. They have not, he said, raised any crops for the past two years on account of drouth. There were some twenty families in the ward and the ward is in debt some $2,000. which is secured by mortgage on their grist mill. He asked for an appropriation of that amount for the purpose of raising the mortgage. President Snow advanced $150. to pay the insurance on the mill and for incidental purposes, but felt that the mortgage should remain for another year. A letter to President Joseph F. Smith from D. E. Burley of the Oregon Shortline Railway was read. Mr. Burley desired to know if the Presidency would favor the Shortline company issuing a circular letter to the several Bishops asking their aid in employment of our men to work on the Shortline and Union Pacific Railways. They need at least 1000 men for this purpose. The Presidency approved of this being done. At the suggestion of President Joseph F. Smith, a committee consisting of Elders Seymour B. Young, Joseph E. Taylor and J[anne]. M. Sjodahl, was appointed to care for the remains of elders who die in the missions. Bro[ther] [Ephraim H.] Nye [mission president in San Francisco, California] says I would give ten of my elders whom I could select for one first class elder. He thinks it not just the thing to send maimed or deformed men into the mission field. physician heal thy self is the feeling created among people. Uneducated men have but little chance to use their slang, [to] corral an audience the second time. the mission here is better off without numbers of elders sent here on missions. (1)

-- Oct 21, 1900
Alexander F. Macdonald performs plural marriage in Mexico, his first since 1890. Second counselor Joseph F. Smith authorizes this without knowledge of church president Lorenzo Snow, who later threatens to excommunicate this patriarch. (2)

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