Lorenzo Snow, Aug 29, 1900; Wednesday

-- Aug 29, 1900; Wednesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon were at the office. President [Joseph F.] Smith went up Granite Canyon last night to bring some of his folks home.

Elder A[braham]. O[wen]. Woodruff called. He had just returned from visiting the Panguitch [Utah] Stake in company with Brother [Francis M.] Lyman. He reported re-organizing the Panguitch Stake with Brother David Cameron as its president, and re-organizing five of the wards of that Stake. He reported that

Escalante Ward was in a bad conditional morally, the hoodlum element prevailing.

The sum of $600. was appropriated in favor of Brother Moroni Ward, of Washakie, it being his yearly allowance for taking care of the Indians of that place.

President C[ollins]. R. Hakes called. He came to the city specially to try to employ a teacher for their Stake Academy; and he now represented the state of the people of Mesa [Arizona] on account of the fact that they had lost control of the canals they were in a state of gloom. President Snow promised to send a couple of brethren down to Mesa with instructions to remain there long enough to take in the whole situation, especially as to their water conditions. (1)

-- Sep 10, 1900; Monday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. Governor Heber M. Wells called with Mr. Thomas Kearns and had an interview with the Presidency regarding the building of the proposed railroad to Los Angeles [California]. Mr. Kearns wanted to know if the parties representing the proposed Pacific railroad were ready to stand by an offer that had been made several years before. President Snow informed him that it was a matter that he knew very little about and for him to call again.

President Ben E. Rich of the Southern States mission and William H. Smart who had recently been released from the presidency of the Eastern States mission, called at the office.

At 3:30 Mr. Kearns called and had a long talk with Pres[idents]. Snow, Cannon and Smith on the proposed railroad from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. He intimated that he thought it would be acceptable for the Saltair railroad and beach to be put into the new enterprise for stock in the new road. He also stated that a gentleman would be in the city about the 17 to see the Presidency about it.

Presidents Cannon and Smith left tonight for Canada for the purpose of meeting the Governor General of the Dominion and while there will be guests of Mr. [Elliot T.] Galt. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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