Lorenzo Snow, Feb 07, 1901

-- Feb 07, 1901
President Lorenzo Snow dedicates LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. (1)

-- Feb 8, 1901; Friday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. President [George Q.] Cannon was in Provo [Utah]. Bishop [Theodore] Brandley called and had an interview with President Snow in relation to matters among the settlers in Alberta, Canada. Among other things he requested that an extension be granted the Saints in that country in meeting their obligations. They had given their notes for the land and were unable to meet the dues. President Snow granted to them one year's extension. ...

A party going under the title of the Duke and Duchess of

Manchester, called on President Snow this afternoon. (2)

-- Feb 9, 1901; Saturday
Elder Horace S. Ensign met President [Lorenzo] Snow this morning in relation to his responding to a call made upon him to succeed Elder John W. Taylor in the presidency of the Colorado mission. After explaining his circumstances, showing that he was financially involved the President felt not to call him, but allow him to remain at home to work out his debt.

Elder Charles W. Penrose also called and presented some manuscript writing in relation to the Governor's veto of the anti-compulsory vaccination bill, that he desired to publish in the [Deseret] News as an editorial, but desired the approval of President Snow on the matter. He had not read very far before President Snow stated that he thought it wisdom not to say anything in way of criticism of the Governor's attitude. Brother Penrose thereupon decided out of deference to President Snow, that it would be better not to publish the article, although he was of the opinion that it was clearly the duty of the News to meet some of the arguments in the Governor's veto favoring compulsory vaccination. Later in the day President [George Q.] Cannon came to the office and Brother Penrose was sent for and again submitted the article, but President Cannon concurred in the expression of President Snow.

Elder Horace G. Whitney talked with the Presidency on the subject of printing a new edition of the Book of Mormon. He stated that he had been informed that bids had been obtained from Eastern printing houses, the lowest of which was twenty one cents per copy for ten thousand copies, and the question before the Presidency was, whether the Church works shall be published at home at a higher rate than they could be published in the East? President Snow concurred in the expression of President Cannon, therefore it was decided that the publishing better be done here at home and the books sold as reasonably as possible. (2)

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2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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