Lorenzo Snow, Wednesday, Apr 3, 1901

-- Wednesday, Apr 3, 1901
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

At 1 a.m. all of the members of the Council of Apostles met in theTemple.

Matthias F. Cowley urged the publication of a cheap addition of the Book of Mormon. Brigham Young spoke Priesthood. Abraham O. Woodruff reported the condition of affairs in the Big Horn country. John W. Taylor spoke in favor of securing a home for Sister Karl G. Maeser. Rudger Clawson give us some experience. Reed Smoot presented a paper on the question of prayer meeting being held in connection with administering to the sick. John W. Taylor spoke on Gifts.

President Lorenzo Snow is 87 years old today. The Temple Workers gave him a reception, speaches and singing were indulged in and a nice lunch was partaken of.

President Geo. Q. Cannon is said to be Worse. (1)

-- Apr 3, 1901
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Wednesday. Salt Lake City. I attended our Quorum meeting at 10 a. m. and we adjourned at 1 p. m. At 2:30 p. m. we met at the Bee Hive House with Temple workers, about 200 in all, to celebrate President Lorenzo Snow's birthday; he is 87 years old today. Had songs and speeches; I spoke for 20 minutes. Had refreshments for all. A nice good time. (2)

-- Wednesday, Apr 3, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cool and snowing. 10 a.m. Continuation of the conference of the Twelve, Pres. B. Young, Jr., presiding. Full quorum present. Song, "Redeemer of Israel." Prayer by Apostle A. H. Lund. [Song,] "God Moves in a Mysterious Way."

Apostle M. F. Cowley was the first speaker. Topics treated. Rejoiced in his fellowship with the brethren. Spoke of the faithfulness of the First Council of Seventies and felt that they should have a little further help from the church than they were receiving. Thought steps should be taken to publish a cheap edition of the Book of Mormon; an edition could be gotten out--say of 10,000--for $2100 or 20 cts. a piece. Desired, he said, to be devoted to the cause.

Pres. B. Young, Jr, said nothing could be done about the Book of Mormon in the absence of Pres. Cannon. Thought the Seven Presidents of Seventies should have further assistance.

A. O. Woodruff. Topics treated. Felt that a special fast should be held and prayer be offered in behalf of F. M. Lyman, Jr., by the Twelve. Had recently been visiting the new colonies in the Big Horn and found the saints there getting along nicely; they are prosecuting work on the canal. Favored the organization of a stake in the Big Horn country and suggested for the presidency, Byron Sessions, Jesse W. Crosby, and Brother [Charles A.] Welsch. Said a great many of our people are moving into Canada--some 200 had gone there recently--but it was the mind of Pres. Snow that it would be better for our people to settle in the states, where they would have political influence. Invoked the blessing of the Lord upon Pres. B. Young, Jr., Apostles F. M. Lyman, H. J. Grant, and the members of the quorum.

A committee of two, namely, H. J. Grant and Reed Smoot, were appointed to confer with the Presidency and see if something could be done for the widow of Karl G. Maeser, who is in poor circumstances. R. Clawson. Topics treated. Said he had greatly enjoyed the meetings of the conference. Felt well towards his brethren of the Twelve. Also rejoiced in his labors in the ministry and apostleship. Had been engaged for some time upon a financial statement of church affairs for the year 1900, but, notwithstanding this, had endeavored to meet every requirement and call made upon him to go into the stakes of Zion. Rejoiced in the union of the Presidency and Twelve. Showed how that God is no respecter of persons in that the leaders of the people have to make sacrifices as well as humbler members of the church. Spoke of the faithfulness of the First Presidency.

Reed Smoot. Topics treated. Spoke of the missionary call of Apostles Lyman and Grant and felt that they would be blessed. Expressed a hope for the recovery of Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon. Said he had perfect confidence in the members of the quorum.

Remarks were made by Apostles F. M. Lyman, J. W. Taylor, and R. Clawson, and Pres. B. Young, Jr., upon the principle of healing by the laying on of hands. They thought this ordinance should always be performed in a simple way, as prescribed by the word of God, and not with display.

Song. Benediction by Apostle F. M. Cowley. After the meeting 5 sisters were set apart for the practice of midwifery among the saints by Apostle J. H. Smith, J. W. Taylor, and myself. I was mouth in setting apart Sister Augusta Pratt.

2:30 p.m. Gathering at the Beehive House under the direction of Bp. Jno. R. Winder and the Salt Lake Temple workers in honor of President Lorenzo Snow's eighty-seventh birthday. It was a delightful affair.


Congratulatory remarks, Bp. J. R. Winder. In connection with his remarks he reported for the information and comfort of President Snow the ordinance work done in the temple since its opening, as follows:

Number of ordinances performed from the opening until April 1900


Total for past year


Grand total


Response, Pres. L. Snow. He expressed his appreciation of the honor done by the presence of the brethren and sisters. Was greatly pleased with the report of the temple work done. Spoke of his having been set apart by Pres. Woodruff as president of the Salt Lake Temple, and he was then informed by Pres. Woodruff that he had been appointed in the other world to said position before he came here.

Remarks, Pres. J. F. Smith. He expressed appreciation for the life of Pres. Snow. He also expressed love for the brethren. Remarks, B. Young, Jr. Stated that the Twelve had been holding their quarterly conference, and during the meetings it was truly manifested that they were perfectly united with each other and the Presidency, and were each and all ready under the direction and call of our Prophet and President to go to the ends of the earth, if need be, and preach the gospel.

Remarks, S. B. Young. In behalf of the 138 quorums of seventies he congratulated Pres. Snow and wished him many happy returns of the day. Remarks, Apostle M. W. Merrill. As president reported the work at the Logan Temple as being in a prosperous condition. Over a million souls had been baptized for and endowed since its dedication some 24 years ago. Spoke relative to the principle of tithing. Prophesied that in the due time of the Lord Pres. Snow would have power to save every soul in his family.

Remarks, David H. Cannon. Reported favorable conditions in the St. George Temple. Said Pres. Snow had promised the people of the St. George country that, if they were faithful in honoring the law of tithing and other commandments of God, they should be visited by the early and latter rains. This promise had been literally fulfilled, for a recent drought of some 5 years had been broken by copious rains. Explained how he had been guided by revelation in his labors at the temple. (3)

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