Lorenzo Snow, Monday, Apr 8, 1901

-- Monday, Apr 8, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool. 10 a.m. Meeting of the First Presidency, the Twelve, the presidencies of stakes, bishops of wards, and other authorities at the assembly hall, President Snow presiding. A telegram from Pres. Cannon stated that he was somewhat better.

President Snow. Topics treated. Only those who are fully entitled to their second anointings should receive this blessing. Presidents of stakes are under a high responsibility in this matter. The elders of Israel will never be called to go back to Jackson County, unless they conform in perfect obedience to the law of tithing. Some bishops were derelict last year in teaching the people of their wards the law of tithing. The proper name of the tithing record is the "Book of the Law of the Lord." "This church will never go back to Jackson County to build up the temple, until the church as a church learns to observe the law of tithing. No one can get a remission of his sins except by baptism, and so no one can secure the blessings of the land he occupies except by observance of the law of tithing."

[President Snow] Blessed the brethren and authorities present. Said that it was a wonderful blessing to receive and hold a portion of this sacred and all-powerful priesthood. You can afford to make any sacrifice that may be required. Abraham never would have been able to offer his son Isaac, as a sacrifice, had he not known the blessings connected with the priesthood. The church can pay all of its obligations as they fall due, or may arise, and we do not have to borrow money for that purpose. Admonished the brethren not to enter into obligations they cannot meet when due.

Pres. J. F. Smith. Topics treated. Mask balls among the saints not approved by the First Presidency. 2[nd] anointings. Binding and sealing power of the high priesthood of the church. Importance of union.

Apostle H. J. Grant. Topics treated. Perseverance. The nobility of labor. Learning to sing. Redemption of Zion. Tithing. A. O. Woodruff. Topics. Importance of sustaining and carrying out counsel.

Elder S. B. Young. Topics. The organizing of the seventies quorums. Desired the local authorities not to take presidents of seventies for local positions, only in cases where it is imperative.

Reed Smoot. Topics. Read a letter in regard to proper manner of administering to the sick. Tithing.

R. Clawson. Topics. The establishment of a Record Day in the church. The importance of conforming to the counsel given in this matter. Tithing. J. W. Taylor. Topics. Proper entertainment of the Presidency, the Twelve, and the Seven Presidents in the stakes of Zion. (1)

-- Apr 8, 1901
The following telegram was received from John Q. Cannon in relation to his father's condition: "Very distressing night, just now rallying from a severe sinking spell. His condition very critical." Meeting of Presidency, Apostles & Church Officers--Monday 8 Apr[il]. 1901. Pres[ident]. [Lorenzo] Snow said that persons who are recommended for second annointings should be those who have made an exceptional record, that they are persons who would never apostatize. Pres[idents]. of Stakes assume a great responsibility when they recommend persons for second annointings. Now I wish to say a word in regard to going back to Jackson County [Missouri]. The time is nearer than many of us suppose. I want to impress upon the minds of all that they cannot go back to Jackson Co[unty]. unless they obey the law of tithing. Jos[eph]. Smith had a book in which all of the names of tithe payers was recorded which was called The Book of the Law of the Lord. This Church as a church will never go back to Jackson Co[unty]. till the people learn to observe the law of the Lord. I fear that some of the bishops do not fully believe inthe law of tithing. Excellent remarks. ... Bro[ther]. Jos[eph]. F. Smith said--No man receives a fullness of the Melchisedic Priesthood till he has rec[eive]d. his second annointings. Men recommended for this sacred ordinance should be men of God whose faith & integrity are unquestioned. After the opening exercises Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow spoke upon the Subject of the giving of Second Anointings. He Said that this blessing brought a person to a greater knowledge of the things pertaining to God and his purposes in the earth, that the glorious things of the Kingdom were made clear to the understanding of man. Therefore it would be a very serious thing for a man to apostatize after he had received this great blessing. He warned the Presidents of Stakes that they should exercise great care when giving recomends to those of his stake to receive these great blessings and should know by their work their integrity and devotion to the cause of the Gospel, for the responsibility would rest upon them if any were recomended unworthily or that apostatized. ... Pres[iden]t Jos[eph]. F. Smith then made a few remarks on the Subject of the Second Anointing. He said that it was the crowning blessing of and the highest gift to be conferred by the Melchesidek Priesthood. Elders should do something to be worthy to receive this great blessing and the[re] are many ways out of the ordinary r[o]utine duties by which a man could earn the good will of God to the obtaining of this blessing. Every man should be determined to place every thing on the altar even to the laying down of life itself for the gospel sake in order to be truly worthy of this blessing. Apostle A[braham]. O[wen]. Woodruff said that officers who go contrary to wish of Pres]ident]. [Lorenzo] Snow, unless they repent, finally apostatize. Many personal weakensses will be forgiven upon repentance but betrayal of brethren is difficult to obtain forgiveness for. Instead of seeking other brotherhoods as secret societies, etc., make the priesthood our brotherhood. (2)

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2 - Journal History; Anthony W. Ivins, Diary; Thomas A. Clawson, Diary; William H. Smart, Diary

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