Lorenzo Snow, Jan 10, 1901; Thursday

-- Jan 10, 1901; Thursday
At 11 o'clock the meeting of the Presidency and Apostles was held in the Temple. There were present: Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith and all the Apostles. The Apostles had been in session yesterday and this morning since nine o'clock, and Brother [Brigham] Young [Jr.] now informed the Presidency that they had considered several questions and had concluded to make certain recommendations to the Presidency. Among these recommendations and suggestions were the following: That no intoxicating drinks be sold at Saltair the coming season; that Elder William H. Smart succeed Elder Abraham Hatch in the Presidency of the Wasatch [Utah] Stake, as Brother Hatch was failing in health so that a release would be acceptable; that Elder Platte D. Lyman be released as President of the British mission to return home, and, if agreeable, that he be appointed to preside over the San Juan [Utah/Colorado] Stake; also that Elder Edward H. Snow of St. George [Utah], be released as the President of the Eastern States mission to return home, and, if agreeable with the wishes of the Presidency, be called to preside over the St. George Stake of Zion. President Snow remarked that he would defer matters until President George Q. Cannon returned from the Hawaiian Islands when they would be considered.

Elder Heber J. Grant stated that some time ago when the division of the Cache [Utah] Stake of Zion was considered it had been thought best to defer action until Elder Marriner W[ood]. Merrill was present, and as he was present on this occasion the matter could come properly before the meeting. President Snow invited Brother Merrill to express his views in relation to the division of that Stake. Elder Merrill said that what ever the Presidency should conclude to do in that matter would suit him; personally, however, he did not feel that the division would be a good thing. Cache Stake was very compact, was in a bad financial condition and he thought it would be well to at least defer such division until the stake was out of debt, if divided at all. Elders Young, [Rudger] Clawson, [Francis M.] Lyman and Grant each expressed the desire that the Stake be divided at once and felt that the people would get more of the spirit of God in their hearts if the division were made and thus they would be better able to get out of debt. Elder John Henry Smith moved that the Apostles concur in the division of the Cache Stake, which was seconded by Brother Young and the motion was unanimously carried. President Snow then appointed a committee of three, Elders Brigham Young, Marriner W. Merrill and Matthias F. Cowley, to consider and report on the lines of division.

Elder Matthias F. Cowley, who recently returned from an

extended visit to the Southern States and Eastern States missions, reported that the Southern States Mission was in need of financial assistance due to the loss of certain profits usually made through the railroad companies and the sale of clothes etc. and suggested that assistance be given them, which was favorably considered by President Snow.

Elder John Henry Smith suggested that missionaries be selected in the Stakes of Zion to labor among the back-sliding people. After some discussion the consensus of opinion was that if the acting teachers of the various Wards were doing their duty there would be no need for this labor and that it could properly be left to the Presidency of the Stakes and that their attention should be called to the needs in this direction and that the machinery of the Church might be put in motion properly, which would be more satisfactorily done if directed in this manner. ... (1)

-- Jan 11, 1901; Friday
President Lorenzo Snow and President [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office as usual today. The following appropriations were made by the Presidency and Presiding Bishopric:

To the Ogden [Utah] Fourth ward $3,000, to be paid as follows -- February 1st. $1,000 and a like amount the first of each of the two months following.

To the Beaver [Utah] meetinghouse $130.

North Morgan [Utah], in labor $50.

Thomas Fork Branch, $200.

Grays Ward meetinghouse, $200.

Butte, Montana Saints, $120.

Parowan [Utah] meetinghouse in produce $100.

The Papago Indian mission, $600. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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