Lorenzo Snow, Friday, Apr 12, 1901

-- Friday, Apr 12, 1901
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Anthon H. Lund and I in company with Thos. G. Webber visited several of the departments of Z.C.M.I.A.W. Ivins and I had a talk with Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Jos. F. Smith on Mexican affairs. Bro. Snow was quite critical but agreed to aid us in getting our interest on Nine thousand dollars lowered at the Bank. (1)

-- Wednesday, Apr 17, 1901
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

President Lorenzo Snow is quite poorly. President Joseph F. Smith and all of the Apostles but John W. Taylor went in a body to the residence of George Q. Cannon. His remains were escorted to the Tabernacle, the Apostles acting as pall bearers.

At 19 noon the funeral services commenced. Prest. Lorenzo Snow presiding. The Choir and Congregation Sang God Moves in a Mysterious Way. Prayer by Francis M. Lyman.

Quartet sang Not Dead but Sleepeth. George Teasdale spoke for the Sunday School Union. Heber J. Grant for the young peoples organizations.

Robert C. Easton sang Oh my Father. George H. Brimhall represented the Church Schools. Brigham Young said his friendship has been lifelong for Bro. G. Q. Cannon. Singing by Geo. D. Pyper, H. S. Ensign, J. D. Spencer and H. G. Whitney.

President Joseph F. Smith spoke of his long experience with Bro. G. Q. Cannon. I spoke for ten minutes. John W. Taylor spoke for five minutes. LeRoy C. Snow read his father's good words.

We went direct to the cemetery. There was singing and Prayer at the Grave, A. H. Lund being Mouth in Prayer. (1)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and cool; beautiful day.

Funeral service of President Geo. Q. Cannon

The Twelve Apostles acted as pallbearers. The corpse was enclosed in a very handsome white plush casket and left the Cannon home in the southwestern part of the city at 11 a.m., reaching the tabernacle at 12 noon. The building was appropriately draped in white, the floral display being most chaste and beautiful. Attendance was crowded, Pres. L. Snow presiding.

The speakers were Apostle Geo. Teasdale in behalf of Deseret Sunday School Board and the Sunday Schools, Apostle H. J. Grant in behalf of the general Y.M.M.I.A. board, Geo. H. Brimhall in behalf of the B. Y. Academy and church schools, Apostles B. Young, J. H. Smith, and J. W. Taylor.

Pres. Jos. F. Smith testified that he had always known Pres. Cannon as a man of sterling integrity. He had been faithful to his brethren, faithful and true to the interests of Zion and in every way a mighty man. Dwelt upon the subject of the resurrection. Admonished the wives and children of Pres. Cannon to follow in the footsteps of their illustrious husband and father.

Being in feeble health Pres. Lorenzo Snow did not speak, but had prepared some remarks which were read by his son, LeRoi. Testified to the faithfulness, integrity, and humility of Pres. Cannon as his first counselor and as a Latter-day Saint.

A very long line of carriages followed to the cemetery, and the grave was dedicated by Apostle A. H. Lund. The following order was observed in the cortege: the First Presidency, the Twelve Apostles, the hearse, family, various orders of the priesthood, various organizations, friends. (2)

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