Lorenzo Snow, Feb 2, 1901; Saturday

-- Feb 2, 1901; Saturday
The First Presidency were at the office. An appointment was made with Brother Isaac Riddle of Provo [Utah], who is in the city receiving treatment for his health. He was sent for and came to the office accompanied by his wife and one of his sons. Brother Riddle had proffered to the church property valued at about $25,000. which was to be used towards purchasing land for Temple purposes in Jackson county, Missouri. Attorney Franklin S. Richards was to have been present at the interview, but on account of a severe attack of la grippe was confined to his home. Because of the absence of the attorney the appointment was postponed until the following Monday morning at the same hour. As Brother Riddle and his wife and son were leaving the office Elder John Henry Smith came in and Sister Riddle took occasion to speak privately to him on this business of Brother Riddle's donation. Immediately after the Riddles left the office, Elder Smith related to President Snow the purport of the conversation, which was in effect, that Sister Riddle was a widow with quite a large family when she married Brother Riddle, and although she married him as a plural wife, the marriage took place after the death of Brother Riddle's legal wife, and therefore she, in the eyes of the law would be considered legally Brother Riddle's wife and she was therefore entitled to her dower interests in his property. Brother Riddle had said nothing to her or her children of his proposed donation to the Church; nevertheless she was willing personally that the gift be made. However she feared some unpleasantness and perhaps disagreement among the children when they heard of it and felt therefore to speak of the matter to Brother Smith. This information was a surprise to President Snow, who thought that the family was in hearty accord with the action of Brother Riddle. President Snow thereupon expressed the opinion that it would not be a wise thing to accept the gift in behalf of the Church unless Brother Riddle's family should first agree thereto. No action was, however, taken in regard to the gift at this time.

At 11 o'clock Elders James E. Talmage, Anthon H. Lund and George Reynolds (the two latter as part of the committee appointed by President Snow to revise church publications) met with the Presidency. Brother Talmage had been appointed to revise the Pearl of Great Price and place it in sections with verses after the style of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. He had been in session with the committee, and their recommendations and proposed changes had been noted. They now met with the Presidency to consider the same and to accept such advice as should be given them. President Cannon was desirous that some decision should be reached, from the fact that he was about to publish the History of the Church--known as the history of Joseph Smith the Prophet, in the publications found in the News and Millennial Star--and his son John Q. Cannon who was assisting his father in the work had

submitted certain questions in relation to the revelations and he, President Cannon, desired to have a perfect agreement between the proposed new edition of the Pearl of Great Price and the history of the Church. He said that John Q. Cannon had compared the revelations in the current edition of the Doctrine and Covenants with the original manuscript record in the Historian's Office and had noted some slight differences. And Brother Talmage had also compared the several editions with the manuscripts with the same result. These differences however, were minor in their importance, but worthy, nevertheless, of consideration; having crept in through typographical mistakes that had been passed in the proof reading. It was agreed that in both publications the divisions should be made and the corrections also where ever necessary and that both the Pearl of Great Price and the History should be in harmony in regard to the divisions in chapters and verses etc.

The sum of $50. was appropriated to assist Henry Woodmansee to procure artificial feet, he having had to have his feet amputated recently due to having them frozen. (1)

-- Feb 4, 1901; Monday
The First Presidency were at the office. Elder F[ranklin]. S. Bramwell called and reported the death of Elder Charles H. Atkinson, whose death took place a few days ago in the mission field. Brother John W. Taylor was requested--by telephone, he being in Farmington [Utah]--to attend the funeral of Elder Charles H. Atkinson at Bountiful [Utah] tomorrow.

Brother Isaac Riddle called, accompanied by his wife. He met President [Lorenzo] Snow and President [George Q.] Cannon, attorney Franklin S. Richards and Jon Henry Smith. Before Brother Riddle met the Presidency he had an interview with the attorney and John Henry Smith and it was decided that the Church could not consistently accept his offer of $25,000. President Snow in the interview informed Brother Riddle that if he could arrange his affairs so that he could give a donation, to the Church for the purpose originally intended, in cash for, say $5,000. without injuring his family, it could be accepted. Brother Riddle seemed pleased and satisfied to do this. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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