Lorenzo Snow, Feb 14, 1901

-- Feb 14, 1901
Elder William H. Smart called at the office today and had a talk with President Snow on private matters. At 11 o'clock the Presidency and Twelve met in council meeting in the Temple. ... The Presidency presented the matter of opening a mission in Japan and sending Brother Heber J. Grant to preside there and to open that field, which met with approval from the brethren. Apostle Woodruff invited me in to see Pres. Lorenzo Snow. He received me at his desk in the most cordial and brotherly and even friendly manner. Said I had made a good impression so far with the people and they would receive and support me as fast as they observe I am laboring for their interests. Assured me of the confidence of the brethren and that he knows I have the work of the Lord at heart. Told me to write or come to him whenever I need help and they would gladly render all assistance in their power. Get acquainted with the people and be slow in making changes until I had their confidence. Had no particular lines he wished to speak of but that matters would gradually present themselves as I became acquainted. Be careful in reccommending saints for their second washings and annointings. I alone am responsible for this and not the bishops. They should be men who are living their religion not too young not to have been placed in circumstances to try their faith; past lives should have been without unredeemable sin. As a rule should be men active in the Lords service or else aged men who have been but who are now retired. He ask if I had received mine and when I answered "no" he instructed his sec'y Geo. Gibbs to make me a reccommend to the temple for the same. Said they are helps and safeguards to the worthy, and that after receiving mine I should better understand who to reccommend. Here is another grave responsibility for my wife and I to carry. I felt almost overcome with emotion as I contemplated the mercy of God as shown in this in His forgiveness of sins. (1)

President Lorenzo Snow announces plans to open Japan to missionary work, an important first step in expanding the foreign missions of the Church. (2)

-- Mar 3, 1901
Lorenzo Snow promises Salt Lake temple workers that "some of us would go back to Jackson County, Missouri." (3)

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