LDS History, 1850

-- During 1850
On September 9 the U.S. Senate passes a bill providing for the organization of Utah Territory (rejecting the name Deseret and shrinking its borders). University of Deseret (later University of Utah) is chartered). (1)

University of Deseret (later University of Utah) is chartered. (1)

The Compromise of 1850 creates the Utah territory, designating Fillmore, Utah, as its capitol. The Utah Territory is to be neutral towards slavery, deciding its own fate once it achieves statehood. (2)

-- During 1850-51
[John Taylor] Serves in France as a missionary. Near Boulogne offers a prayer dedicating the country for the preaching of the gospel. Establishes and edits the first Church periodical in France, Étoile du Déseret (Star of Deseret). Helps translate the Book of Mormon into French. Publishes the first Church periodical in Germany, a monthly newspaper named Zions Panier (Zions Banner). Under his direction the Book of Mormon is first published in German. Writes The Government of God. (3)

-- During 1850
[OREGON TRAIL] There are more 49ers traveling the trail this year than in 1849! Some 55,000 emigrants make this the banner year on the trail, but cholera runs rampant, killing thousands. (4)

-- During 1850-
[Periodicals] The Deseret News; Willard Richards Salt Lake City, Utah (News Paper) (5)

-- During 1850
[Utah Statehood] One reason for the refusal of Congress to grant statehood to Deseret was the lack of 60,000 eligible voters required for admission as a state. Moreover, Congress objected to the huge size of the proposed state. On September 7, 1850, the Senate passed a bill providing for the organization of a Utah Territory (rejecting even the name Deseret and shrinking its presumptuous borders), and two days later the bill passed the House and was signed by Millard Fillmore on September 9. The Organic Act creating the territory formed the basis of government in Utah until statehood. On September 20 President Fillmore announced his list of territorial appointments, and the Senate confirmed them on September 30: Brigham Young, governor; Broughton D. Harris (Vermont), secretary; Seth M. Blair (Utah), U.S. attorney; Joseph L. Heywood (Utah), U.S. marshal; Joseph Buffington (Pennsylvania), chief justice, replaced by Lemuel G. Brandebury (Pennsylvania) when Buffington refused the
honor; Perry E.
Brocchus (Alabama), associate justice; Zerubbabel Snow (Ohio), associate justice. (6)

[West] September 9 California is admitted as the 31st state. (7)

[West] September 9 Utah Territory established. (7)

-- Jan 9, 1851
Salt Lake City was incorporated. (8)

-- Jan 13, 1851
The first settlers of Iron County, U.T., arrived on Centre Creek, near where the city of Parowan now stands. (8)

-- Feb 3, 1851
[Utah War] Brigham Young took his oath of office becoming the first Governor of the Utah Territory. (9)

-- During March 1851
[Heber C. Kimball] Becomes member of the Territorial Legislature. Thereafter until his death, 21 June 1868, HCK, as first counselor in the First Presidency, is involved in every important event in the church and in the territory of Utah. (10)

-- Jun 12, 1851
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Mother, Sarah Libbey Smith, dies in Salt Lake City. "Aunt" Hannah Libbey Smith, his mother's sister and also polygamous wife of his father George A. Smith, takes over his care. (11)

-- During 1851 June
Saints settled San Bernardino, California. (12)

-- Jul 11, 1851
Franklin D. Richards published pamphlet entitled The Pearl of Great Price in Liverpool, England. (12)

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