LDS History, 1851

-- During 1851
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy, Mary, and the Millikins move to Fountain Green, Illinois. (1)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The first, or old, tabernacle is completed in Salt Lake City. (2)

[OREGON TRAIL] Word of the cholera epidemic spreads, discouraging many and holding traffic down to about 10,000 souls. Most emigrants start out for California but news of the Donation Land Act causes many to change their minds mid-route and opt for Oregon, instead. From 1851 to 1855, nearly half of those who would claim land in Oregon under the Donation Land Act leave the United States and head west. (3)

-- During 1851-1852
[Periodicals] Etoile Du Deseret; John Taylor Paris, France FRENCH (Periodical) (4)

[Periodicals] Zion's Panier; German Mission Hamburg, Germany GERMAN (Periodical) (4)

-- During 1851-1984
[Periodicals] Skandinaviens Stjerne; Scandinavian Mission Copenhagen, Denmark, 1985- (Changed to Den Frankfurt, Germany Danske Stjerne 1957; changed to Sjernen 1985) (Unified 1967) DANISH (Periodical) (4)

-- Apr 8, 1852
Preparation of Deseret Alphabet begun. (5)

-- During Spring 1852
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy and Mary Bailey Smith move into the Mansion House with Emma and Lewis Bidamon and the four Smith sons. Emma runs the Mansion House as a boarding house. (This move may have been made as early as January 1851.) (1)

-- May 21, 1852
Joseph F. Smith baptized by President Heber C. Kimball. (6)

-- During 1852 July
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Moves to Provo with Hannah and "Aunt" Lucy, another polygamous wife of George A. Smith. (7)

-- 1852 28-29 August
Plural marriage publicly announced at special conference, in which 106 missionaries were called to carry the gospel to various parts of the world. (5)

-- Aug 29, 1852
Public announcement of Plural Marriage made, Salt Lake City. (8)

The revelation on the law of Celestial Marriage was first made public. (9)

-- Sep 3, 1852
The first company of P. E. Fund emigrants from Europe arrived in Utah. (9)

-- Sep 21, 1852
[Joseph F. Smith] Mary Fielding Smith dies in Salt Lake City. (6)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Mary Fielding Smith, Hyrum's widow, dies at Salt Lake City. (1)

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