LDS History, Jun 26, 1858

-- Jun 26, 1858
[Utah War] The Army marched through Salt Lake City which they found had been abandoned by the Mormons. They passed through Salt Lake City and camped on the west side of the Jordan river. It subsequently marched to Cedar Valley, and there located Camp Floyd, about forty miles from the city where they remained until the outbreak of the Civil War.
The war ended in a compromise with both sides somewhat disappointed. Brigham Young did not want the army in the territory. Numerous sources establish that the army was anxious to fight and kill Mormons to assert complete suppression. President Buchanan's pardon eliminated trials and executions for treason of Brigham Young and other Mormons for which some had hopeful anticipation. (1)

-- Jun 30, 1858
The people who had moved south began to return to their homes. (2)

[Utah War] The announcement was made in Provo that all who wished to return to Salt Lake City were at liberty to do so. (1)

-- During 1858 July
Saints returned to their homes. (3)

-- Aug 24, 1858
[Utah War] Statement of the negotiations of June 11-12 was signed by both sides. (complete text: CHC 4:436-438) (1)

-- Oct 28, 1858
Jacob Hamblin, with eleven men, left Southern Utah to open intercourse with the Indians on the east side of the river Colorado. (2)

-- 1858
Church Membership at end of year: 55,755
New Converts : 519
Percent Change from previous year: 0.94% (4)

-- During by 1858
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith marries Eliza Elise Sanborn. They have three or four children: William Jr., Enoch (according to some sources, both of these names were for one child: William Enoch), Edson Don Carlos, and Louise May. (5)

-- During 1858
[OREGON TRAIL] Gold is discovered in Colorado, and it's Pikes Peak or Bust! Heavy freight traffic to the military forts gives an assurance of safety, and 10,000 head west. (6)

-- Feb 13, 1859
[Lucy Mack Smith] Wilford Woodruff records a conversation with Brigham Young ordering him to revise and correct Biographical Sketches with George A. and Elias Smith. Young takes particular exception to Lucy's statement that William had a vision in Missouri. (5)

-- Mar 6, 1859
[Deseret] the first Masonic lodge in Utah is organized at Camp Floyd, under the name, Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 205. (7)

-- 1859 10-17 July
Horace Greeley interviewed Brigham Young during visit to Salt Lake City. (3)

-- Nov 24, 1859
[U.S. Religious History] Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was first published. All 1,250 copies of the first printing were sold out on the very first day. (8)

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