LDS History, Nov 6, 1857

-- Nov 6, 1857
[Utah War] Col. Johnston began moving the Army to winter near the Mormon outpost of Fort Bridger. That night more than 500 animals died. (Atlantic Monthly 3:370) (1)

-- Nov 16, 1857
[Utah War] The Army began arriving at Fort Bridger, abandoned and burned the week before by the Mormons. The Army set up their winter-quarters at a site 2 miles from Fort Bridger in now southwest Wyoming, 115 miles from SLC. This was named Camp Scott. (1)

-- Nov 20, 1857
[Utah War] After a very difficult journey from Ft. Leavenworth, Gov. Cumming and a company of dragoons arrived at the winter camp. (1)

-- Nov 21, 1857
[U.S. Religious History] Alfred Cumming, selected by President James Buchanon to replace Brigham Young as governor for the territory of Utah, took office. He immediately ordered armed Mormon groups in the territory to disband, but he was generally ignored. (2)

[Utah War] Gov. Cumming wrote a letter to Brigham Young informing him that violent acts authorized and commanded are treasonable; that those involved are subject to the penalties accorded traitors; and the Territory is in a state of rebellion. He also issued a Proclamation to the people of Utah stating his duty "to enforce unconditional obedience." He assured that there would be no interference with their right to religious freedom. (1)

-- During 1857 November - December
[Utah War] Mormons evacuate San Bernardino to return to Utah. (1)

-- Dec 19, 1857
[Deseret] President James Buchanan submits the nomination of Alfred Cumming to the United States Senate (Buchanan 1857). (3)

-- Dec 22, 1857
[Utah War] Pres. Buchanan presented his nomination to the Senate for Alfred Cumming to be governor of Utah Territory which was approved Jan. 18, 1858. Cumming had been appointed Governor July 11, 1857, took oath of office July 27 and had been representing himself as Governor. (Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate 10:275, 294) (1)

-- 1857
Church Membership at end of year: 55,236
New Converts : -8,645
Percent Change from previous year: -13.53% (4)

-- During 1857 Near the close of the year
the U. S. army, under General Johnson, took possession of Fort Bridger. (5)

-- During 1857-58
[Brigham Young] Utah War. Released as governor after eight-year term. (6)

-- During 1857
[Deseret] On September 7 the Mountain Meadow massacre took place. Arkansas immigrant on their way to California were killed in Iron County, Utah. (7)

-- During 1857-1858
[Deseret] Brigham Young is removed as governor by President James Buchanan who sends a 2,500-man military force to accompany the new governor Alfred Cumming to the territory, starting the Utah War. In May the citizens living north of Utah County abandoned their homes and moved south, leaving only a few men in each town. On June 26 Johnston's army arrives in the valley and eventually started Camp Floyd around forty south of the city. (7)

-- During 1857
1860s (8)

The federal government sends troops to Utah known as the "Utah Expedition" to replace Brigham Young as governor. This results in the Utah War. (8)

[John Taylor] Returns to Utah. Is elected Speaker of the House of the Utah Territorial Legislature, a responsibility he fulfills for several yearsin addition to his duties in the Church. (9)

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