LDS History, Apr 24, 1858-25

-- Apr 24, 1858-25
[Utah War] Gov. Cumming, responding to the popular notion of extreme tyranny in Utah, offered to assist those who "considered themselves unlawfully restrained of their liberties." His notice was read in the Tabernacle on the 25th.Only 56 men, 33 women and 71 children responded. They wanted to leave "from a desire to improve their circumstances, and realize elsewhere more money by their labor." Mormon leaders pledged their assistance in leaving the territory. (Cumming's account: Mormon Resistance, 307-308; also, Normon F. Furniss, The Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859 [Yale University Press, 1960] 187.) (1)

-- May 13, 1858
[Utah War] Col. Kane left SLC to return to the States. He travelled with Gov. Cumming to Fort Bridger; from there to Council Bluffs, Iowa arriving June 8; then to his home in Philadelphia June 18; only to head to Washington on June 19 with dispatches from Governor Cumming. (1)

-- May 27, 1858
[Utah War] Gen. Harney reported 2,588 troops under Col. Johnston with reinforcement 3,912 troops to be added (complete text of his report: CHC 4:373) (1)

-- During 1858, May
"Move South" began evacuation of all northern Utah settlements in preparation for war with U.S. troops. (2)

-- During 1858 May
Saints in northern Utah evacuated their settlements in response to army's approach. (3)

[Utah War] The citizens of Utah, living north of Utah County, abandoned their homes and moved southward, leaving only a few men in each town and settlement to burn everything, in case the approaching troops, on their arrival in the Valley, should prove hostile. (1)

-- Jun 7, 1858
Messrs. Powell and McCullough, sent out as peace commissioners, by the general government, arrived in Salt Lake City. (4)

[Utah War] Ex-Gov. L.W. Powell, of Kentucky, and Major Ben McCullough, of Texas, sent as peace commissioners by the Federal government, arrived in SLC. They brought with them the April 6 Proclamation extending a full Presidential pardon for all Utah citizens on the condition they would cease rebellion, affirm allegiance to the Constitution. (complete text: CHC 4:425-428) (1)

-- Jun 10, 1858
[Utah War] President Buchanan announced to Congress that order had been restored in Utah. (1)

-- Jun 11, 1858
Peaceful settlement to "Utah War" negotiated through efforts of Brigham Young, Governor Alfred Cumming, Thomas L. Kane, and government peace commissioners. (2)

Peaceful resolution to Utah War, largely due to negotiating of Thomas L. Kane. (3)

-- Jun 11, 1858-12
[Utah War] The peace commissioners met with Pres. Brigham Young and others in SLC, and the difficulties between the United States and Utah were peacefully settled. A statement of the negotiations was prepared, reviewed, amended and signed by both sides Aug. 24. (complete text: CHC 4:436-438). (1)

-- Jun 18, 1858
[Utah War] The eastern mail, accumulating for a year, was sent from Col. Johnston's camp and arrived in Provo. Many of the letters had been opened. (1)

-- Jun 26, 1858
Johnston's Army passed through Salt Lake City en route to Cedar Valley. (3)

The "Army of Utah," under Col. Johnson, passed through Salt Lake City and camped on the west side of the river Jordan. (4)

[U.S. Religious History] The United States army entered Salt Lake City in order to restore peace and install Alfred Cumming (a non-Mormon) as governor. Mormon residents had opposed the replacement of Brigham Young, who had declared martial law and forbade U.S. troops from entering Utah. There were sporadic raids made by the Mormon militia against the winter encampment of the army, but that was the extent of the Utah War. (5)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology