Dreams in LDS History, Jun 1, 1856

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-- Jun 1, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I attended the prayer circle in the evening. The subject of the kansas question was spoken of. W. Woodruff asked B Young President Young if He remembered his dream that he had several Years since. He said [he] did not recollect it. He said several years since that He dreamed he saw two armies met. One came from the south & another from the East & met & fought & as fast as they were killed they continued to have new recruits from the East & South & I Wilford Woodruff testify that I herd President Young relate this dream several years ago but cannot state the Date. (1)

-- Jun 29, 1856
First Counselor Heber C. Kimball preaches: "I never said that I ever saw an angel from God, though I have dreamed about them;" In the same sermon he states: "My feelings are for you to learn to follow our leader, our Prophet, our President [Brigham Young]. He will be our President in eternity, and Joseph is his President and will counsel him, and you need not trouble yourselves, but do as you are told and you will obtain salvation and go into the celestial glory." (2)

-- Sep 28, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...President Kimball said I have told the people to day of far greater things than drawing hand Carts to Zion. Joseph Smith took President Brigham Young & myself to the vary spot In adam Ondi Aman whare Adam offered up his first sacrafize on a spot now called Hogback.

D. H. Wells said I had a dream last night & saw a butchers Cleaver in the Heavens in the East. I tried to show it to Bishop Pettigrew & he could not see it. I felt that there was a Strugle near & a great Slaughter, & much nearer than the people are aware of. President Kimball said it would be better for one half of the people to be cut off than for the rest to suffer as they had done & to go through what we would have to.... (1)

-- Oct 12, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I met with the Circle in prayer being 17 persons present. At the Close of prayer Elder Leonard Wilford Hardy was called forward & presidents. B. Young H. C. Kimball J M Grant F D. Richards & W Woodruff laid hands upon his head & ordained him to the office of an High Priest and a Bishop & also the first Councellor to Bishop Edward Hunter. The following is a synopsis of his blessing. President Young was mouth.

Brother Leonard Wilford Hardy in the name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood we lay our hands upon your head & ordain you to be a High Priest & a Bishop in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints And we also ordain you to be the first Councellor to Bishop Edward Hunter, who is the Chief Bishop in the Church & we seal upon your head all the power & Authority of this priesthood & Bishopprick & we seal upon you the spir[it] of Council & Revelation that you may Council the people to pay their tithing & we bless you with the gift of Disernment that you may have power to magnify your Calling & you shall have the spirit of Prophesy & revelation visions Dreams & the Administering of Angels & you shall be filled with wisdom & shall assist in building up the kingdom of God on the Earth & shall be an active assistance unto Bishop Hunter in gathering the Tithing of the people that the Temples of our God may be built & his works carried on.

Let your heart be comforted. You shall be blessed with evry good thing your heart shall desire & your words shall be like a two Edged sword among the people & we seal you up unto Eternal Life & no man shall take your Crown. We seal all these Blessings upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

J C Little was then ordained unto the office of a Bishop & the 2d Councellor to Bishop Edward Hunter. The following is a synopsis of the Blessing:

Brother Jesse C[.....] Little In the name of Jesus Christ we lay our hands upon your head & we ordain you to be a Bishop & a second Councellor unto Bishop Edward Hunter in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & we seal upon your head all the blessings app[ertaining?] [to] the Bishopprick & we pray God to Let the Holy Ghost rest upon you & we say it shall rest upon you at this time & you shall live long upon the Earth & stand by thy Brethren untill death even with thy brethren whose hands are upon thy head & be with them both in time & in Eternity. You shall have visions Dreams & the spirit of Prophesy & thou shalt have the gift of disernment to know the harts of the Children of men & we seal these blessings upon you & seal you up unto Eternal Life in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.... (1)

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