Dreams in LDS History, Nov 2, 1856

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-- Nov 2, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I attended the prayer Circle in the evening. President Young requested me to write out a list of the Commandments which he wished to make use of. I did not attend any other evening meeting. I spent the night at home & had a dream of meeting with President Young & he blessed me. I awoke. It was a dream. (1)

-- Nov 16, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I went to the 14th ward meeting in the evening. They met for the 1st time in the new Music Hall built by Capt Bellows band in the 14 ward. The Hall was dedicated unto God. W. W. Phelps made the dedication Prayer after which W Woodruff was Called upon to address the people who spoke about one hour. Related a Dream that He had of meeting with Joseph the other side of the veil. ... (1)

-- Dec 12, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...On the night of the 3d inst. the night before J[edediah] M. Grant was buried Mrs Batsheba Smith wife of G[eorge] A. Smith dreamed that George A. Smith was dead & that some other person wished to marry her which troubled her mind. On the same night Mrs Rose dreamed that George A. Smith was hung in Washing[ton] by the members of Congress because he was a Mormon. (1)

-- Dec 13, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...The following Dream was related by H. C. Kimball Nov 25 1856:

Nov 25 I dreamed that I was travelling with a Companion & we came to a powerful rapid stream of water like the Niagara River. The waves were rolling vary high & increasing in size. The waters had been muddy but were getting Clear. As we came to this powerful Stream we did not know how we should get over it. I turned my Eyes a few moments from my Companion & when I look back I saw him on the other side of the river & climing a steep hill. I did not know how he got there. I wanted to Cross so I called to him as loud as I Could to stop & wait for me but He paid no attention to me but went on as Hard as he Could. Then a person came to me & said you have an iron rod in your hand which I percieve I had several feet long. The Angel said to me you must use this rod & feel your way over the river & I awoke.

I Considered my dream & interpeted it as follows: My Companion was J. M. Grant. He has suddenly died & left me & is [on] the other side of the veil. The waters mean the people that are increasing in s[tran?]gs & growing better & clearer. The Iron rod is the word of God which I must Cling to till I get through death. I consider ther is great things awaiting this people. (1)

-- Dec 16, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16th I spent the day in the office. Elders Cumings & Blair Came in & we talked about the Presidency & the Refermation & future Events. Brother Cummings related a Dream that Presidency had a few days since as follows:

<President Young dreamed that in 2 weeks [some?] [-] died about the> 12th Dec <that he died and in 2 weeks President Kimball died and the people were in the awfullest state of any people he ever saw. But I pray God it may not be fulfilled.>

I feel strongly pressed in spirit that some great trials await this people & many will not be able to stand but will fall away. I pray the Lord to preserve the presidency of this Church.

I called upon President Young a short time. Found him in his room in quite good spirits. I spent most of the evening in the office in Company with Bishop Hunter who Conversed upon a great variety of subjects. I went to bed feeling unwell. I dreamed of being among snakes & was quite worried. I was Called up in the night to go & administer to R. Ballantyne who was quite sick but being poorly myself I did not go untill morning. (1)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993

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