Rebaptism, Oct 8, 1873

-- Oct 8, 1873
[Sermon] Wilford Woodruff: Unchangeableness of the Gospel - God Has Chosen the Weak Things of the World to Confound the Wise - Prophecies Relating to the Latter - Day Work - Joseph Smith:'s Ministry - Zion to Be Built Up - Baptism for the Dead - The Order of Enoch - Babylonish Fashions, JD 16:263 - 272 (1)

-- Jun 10, 1874
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10 I went to the Endowmets [House] & there was 506 Baptisms for the dead & I Confirmed 100 of them. D H Wells Confirmed about the same. D H Wells [sealed] 62 Couple for the Dead & W Woodruff Sealed 67 Couple. I was vary weary at night. (2)

-- Jun 17, 1874
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17 I spent the day at the Endowmet House. There were near 1,000 of the Dead Baptized for to day. D H Wells Confirmed for some 5 Hours. ... (2)

-- Jun 23, 1874
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Secret of Happiness - Self Examination - Joseph Smith: a Man of Obedience to God - Baptism for the Dead - Temporal and Spiritual One - a Dream - Order of Enoch, the Order of God - A Good Word for the Women, JD 18:235 - 249 (1)

-- Dec 27, 1874
[Temple] Spent the evening with Father [Brigham Young][.] Had a splendid time. He seems to feel well and talked over the plan for [the] next temple which he proposes building somewhere in Sanpete; and the next one in Logan[.] He says the next plan will be more expressly adapted to the labors of sealing men to men; men to women, baptisms, anointings, washings and other ordinances. [Brigham Young Jr. diary, Dec. 27, 1874] (3)

-- During 1874
(Annie Clark Tanner) : Born in Farmington, Utah. Baptized in 1873, Annie Clark was rebaptized a year later during a reformation movement. She remembered, "We raised our right hand and promised not to trade with outsiders. Also, as children, we promised never to touch tea, coffee, or tobacco. To take the Lord's name in vain was a great offense. The punishment for disregard of high moral standards among young people was severe indeed. The young people who transgressed were required to make an acknowledgement of their sin in a public meeting and ask the forgiveness of the Saints." (4)

-- 1875
On April 6, 1884, Levi Savage receives a copy of the 1875 baptismal prayer: "Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptized [sic] you for the remission of your sins; for the renewal of your covenants with God and your brethren, and for the observance of the rules that have been read in your hearing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; Amen." (5)

-- Feb 22, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 22, 1875 This is not ownly the birth day of George Washington But it was the day when the first Couple of Lamanites were together as man and wife for time & Eternity at the Altar in the Endowment House according to the Holy Priesthood in the last dispensation & fulness of times. Wilford Woodruff Sealed at the Altar two Couple of Lamanites. The first Couple was Indian Named OhetoCump But Baptized and Sealed by the name of James Laman. His wife Named Mine. 2d Couple Isiqwich & Mogogah (Daniel H Wells & Elias Smith Witnesses).

Also Dymock Huntington & his two sisters Precinda & Zinah & some others. We gave Endowments to 36. W Woodruff sealed 11 Couple. I received 5 letters. I attended the firemans grand Ball at the Theater in honor of Washingtons Birthday. There were about 300 Couple present besides many spectaters Gen Smith, & Stall from Camp Douglass was present. Presidet Young was present but did not stay late. (2)

First sealing of husband and wife who are both Native American Indians. Their Native-American name is "Oleito Comp" but are baptized and sealed by the names "James Laman" and his wife Minnie." They are sealed as man and wife for time and eternity at the altar in the Endowment House." (6)

-- Jun 21, 1875
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21 I Spent the day in the Endowment House. We gave Endowments to 51. W Woodruff sealed 27 Couple. My Brother Azmon Woodruff & His wife Elizabeth Pierce Woodruff received their Endowments & was Baptized. I went down with them to the farm at the Close of the day. (2)

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