Rebaptism, Apr 6, 1845

-- Apr 6, 1845
Brigham Young announces to general conference: "Know ye not that the millennium has commenced?" He also rules that males should be proxies for males and females for females in baptism for the dead, thus ending the gender-neutral practice of proxy ordinances. (1)

-- June 17, 1845
"While in this condition, Elder Phineas Richards, the father of Apostle F. D. Richards, assisted by other kind brethren, took me [Lorenzo Snow] from my bed, wrapped in a sheet - placed me in a carriage, drove to a stream of water, and baptized me in the name of the Lord, for my recovery. The fever immediately abated, and through kind, unwearied nursing and attention . . . I was delivered from suffering and restored to health." [Eliza R. Snow writing as Lorenzo Snow in "Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow" Salt Lake City: Deseret News Company, 1884] (2)

-- Jun 26, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] Workmen laid the first stone for the new font. Men who cut stone for the font were William W. Player, Benjamin T. Mitchell, Charles Lambert, William Cottier, Andrew Cahoon, Daniel S. Cahoon, Jerome Kimpton, Augustus Stafford, Bun Anderson, Alvin Winegar, William Jones and Stephen Halles, Jr. The roof was completed and ready for shingles. (3)

-- Saturday, June 28th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] The brethren had been requested to change the place of meeting with the stand, to the grove in front of the Temple.

I went up with the Twelve to inspect their work, also to see the Arsenal and the font in the Temple, its foundation having just been laid]... (4)

-- Jul 1, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] Apparently some Saints were questioning the right of the Twelve to replace the wooden font which had been built under Joseph Smith's directions. In the Times and Seasons Brigham Young explained the reason for erecting the stone font and he wrote that the Saints should not wonder at the decision. Just because Joseph Smith had built, a wooden font did not mean that it should be permanent. He stated that he wanted a font that would not "stink" and take so much time in keeping it clean. (3)

-- Sunday, August 10th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] Sunday, August 10th, 1845. I baptized my mother, and my nephew, John Rich and his sister Elizabeth for their health; and John and Jerusha Smith, son and daughter of the late Bro. Hyrum Smith, Patriarch for their sins. After which attended meeting at sand, Bro. Phelps spoke, after which I addressed the people.... (4)

-- Aug. 10 AD 1845
[general] City of Joseph Aug 10th 1845

Brother Wm Smith, Patriarch,

Your letter of the 9th has been read before a council of the Twelve and Trustees, by whose decision this answer is dictated.

... To your question. "when the Brethren call on me to be sealed to their wives, - their dead friends &c also to get patriarchal blessings for their dead- what shall I say to them?" Of what use for sealing when every thing of the kind must be done over again in the Temple to make it valid? And it is not according to the order of the church to confer Patriarchal Blessings on the dead by proxy, until baptism &c has been attended to for them by proxy, which must be done in the Lord's House, therefore, any thing of the kind done at this time would be of no effect ... (5)

-- ...Aug 23rd The dome for the temple was completed and all rejoiced In the afternoon went with sister Sary Alby to the river and Baptized her for her health in the evening Bros Solomon Hancock & Moses Clawson came to my house to council some with regard to the affairs of the Branch in Father Morleys settle.
[Brigham Young Journal] (6)

-- Oct 8, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] In a letter the Twelve reported that the font and others parts of the temple were nearly ready to commence ordinance work. (3)

-- Nov 9, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] No Sunday service, because the first floor of the temple, which had been laid in October 1842 to protect the font in the basement during construction, had to be taken up to replace rotting timbers. (3)

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