Rebaptism, Mar 27, 1842

-- Mar 27, 1842
Joseph Smith speaking of baptism for the dead says, after quoting from the Bible, "If there is one word of the Lord that supports the doctrin[e] it is enough to make it a true doctrin[e]. Afterwards he goes to the bank of the Mississippi River "& Baptized all that Came unto him . . ." These are rebaptisms-baptisms for remission of sins of people who have already been baptized into the church and include apostles John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff. (1)

-- Mar 27, 1842 (Sunday)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: Grove Near Temple, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Wilford Woodruff Journal -Words of Joseph Smith, 109-10) Sunday 27 This was an interesting day A large assembly met in the grove near the Temple Br Amisa Lyman addressed the assemby & made many interesting remarks. He was followed by Joseph the Seer who made some edifying remarks concerning Baptism for the dead. He said the Bible supported the doctrine "why are ye Baptized for the dead if they dead rise not &c" if their is one word of the Lord that supports the doctrin it is enough to make it a true doctrin Again if we can baptize a man in the name of the Father of the Son & of the Holy Ghost for the remission of sins it is just as much our privilege to act as an agent & be baptized for the remission of sins for & in behalf of our dead kindred who have not herd the gospel or fulness of it. (2)

-- Spring 1842
Abraham Hunsaker had his three-year-old son baptized in the temple font (3)

-- 7Apr42
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Temple and Nauvoo House

Young Men Should Go Out to Prove Themselves

Don't Listen to Rumor

Baptisms for Health and for the Dead in Temple Font Only (4)

-- Apr 7, 1842 (Thursday Afternoon)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Times and Seasons -15 April 1842-: 761-63 -Words of Joseph Smith, 110-11) Conference met, Pres't Joseph Smith had the several quorums put in order, and seated: he then made some very appropriate remarks concerning the duties of the church, the necessity of unity of purpose in regard to the building of the houses, and the blessings connected with doing the will of God . . . Baptisms for the dead, and for the healing of the body must be in the font, those coming into the church and those rebaptized may be done in the river.

A box should be prepared for the use of the font, that the clerk may be paid, and a book procured by the monies to be put therein by those baptized, the remainder to go to the use of the Temple. (2)

-- April 29, 1842
"with Br C. C. Rich I Baptized about one hundred for the remission of Sins the healing of the Body & the dead while Elder Young & others confirmed them as they came out of the water." [Wilford Woodruff Journal] (3)

-- May 6, 1842
Alphonso Young (in a distant branch of the church) wrote to Joseph Smith, "I have confidence that if I can be Baptized in the font I shall be healed of a hereditary disease I am, and ever have been laboring under. what is known by the name of sick head ache. I hope to be with the Saints soon." (5)

-- May 15, 1842
[Brigham Young] --15 (Sunday)-- I attended meeting at the grove, and addressed the Saints in the forenoon; Brother Woodruff preached in the afternoon. At the close of the meeting I repaired to the font, with several of the Twelve. Brothers Woodruff and Rich baptized about 100 for the remission of sins and for their dead. I confirmed those baptized, assisted by other Elders. (6)

-- Summer, 1842
James Palmer remembered the summer 1842 healing of his wife at the temple: "[She was] taken to the Baptismal font in the basement of the temple and there to be baptized for her health and that with the laying on of hands and prayer of faith she was that hour restored to health." (3)

-- Jul 27, 1842
Dissident Mormon Oliver H. Olney writes, "that when they do wrong they get rebaptized they then stand fair in the sight of God altho they have done ever so bad this is the theme amongst those that are a wallowing in the mire." (5)

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