Rebaptism, Oct 5, 1846

-- Oct 5, 1846
[Nauvoo Temple] The Hancock Eagle reported on the damage done to the temple: holes cut in the floors, names carved in the wood, messages scrawled on the walls, and the font defaced with the oxen disfigured and broken. (1)

-- Apr 25, 1847. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] Arose soon after five, shaved and changed some of my clothing. The morning very pleasant, wind west...P.M. Elijah Newman was baptized by [Tarlton] Lewis in the Lake for the benefit of his health. Brother Newman has been afflicted with the black scurvy in his legs and has not been able to walk without sticks, but after being baptized and hands laid on him he returned to his waggon without any kind of help seemingly much better. ... (2)

-- Aug 6, 1847
Apostles in Salt Lake Valley rebaptize, reconfirm, and reordain each other and the next day begin rebaptizing and reconfirming all pioneers in the valley. The rebaptizims are done in the dammed-up City Creek. (3)

-- August 7, 1847
When the first pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, Church leaders dammed City Creek and used the resulting pond for rebaptisms and baptisms for health. (4)

-- Aug 15, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15th + /||| Sunday The Camp of Israel met as usual at 10 oclok & was addressed by President Young in an interesting manner upon an interesting subject much to our edifycation. The following are some of the remarks made by President Young:

I am going to day to speak upon the subject of the Patriarchal Priesthood & by request of Br Crow say sumthing upon the death of his Child that was drowned the other day. ... But notwithstanding this Can brother Crow get that Child again or any other person their Children except their is sumthing done for them on the earth by their Parents? No they would not. They would go to God who gave them but the parents on the earth would not have them. The Parents framed the Body to be sure But the Lord gave the spirit. What is the Body good for without the spirit?

What then can be done. I will tell you. A man that has embraced the gospel must [be?] some one who has the Priesthood & keys & power of Elijah & must attend to ordinances for that Child, even must be baptized [for it?] as well as to have it sealed to him & through [---] claim his Child in the morning of the resurrection & the Lord will give it up to him. ... (5)

-- Dec 11, 1847
William Wines Phelps: Rebaptized 11 December 1847. (6)

-- Apr 4, 1848
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 4th I went over the river And Baptized Sister Peck for the remission of sins And also for her daughter who was dead. I also baptized 8 others who had not before been baptized one of which was Samuel H. Smiths ownly Son & one was Peter Balentine an Insane man. I confirmed 4 persons. ... (5)

-- Nov 12, 1848
Oliver Cowdery: Rebaptized by Orson Hyde 12 November 1848 at Kanesville, Iowa. (6)

-- Sep 10, 1849
[Nauvoo Temple] John M. Bernhisel on a trip to the East stopped at Nauvoo and left a description of the Temple ruins: "Though the walls of the Temple are standing, yet they are much cracked, especially the east one; and not a vestige of the once beautiful font remains." He reported that no work had been done to repair the structure, except for clearing away some rubbish, and that the lot was used as a sheep fold and cow pen. (1)

-- 1850
Pioneer William Snow noted "we found Br John Moon on the prarie So bad he could not walk to his waggon we laid hands on him helped him to his wag[on] & baptised him 7 times anointed him & he was much better." (4)

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