Rebaptism, 1856

-- During 1856
During the year, a general "reformation" took place throughout the Church, in which Church members were admonished strongly from the pulpit to reform their lives and rededicate themselves to the service of the Lord. As a symbol of renewed dedication, many members renewed their covenants by rebaptism. The reformation movement continued into 1857. (1)

-- Mar 4, 1857
[Hosea Stout Diary] Wednesday 4 March 57. Worked Mon, Tues & Wed. at the Code Commissioning.This day the 13th Ward was rebaptised my wife and my daughter Elizabeth Ann was baptized. (2)

-- Jun 22, 1857
[Brigham Young Letter] Bishop I.C. Haight -- I this morning received your letter ... As to your question, "Shall I rebaptize those who have Sinned Since they were Catachised & rebaptized," no not until they bring forth fruit meet for repentance. (3)

-- Jun 28, 1857
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... [Apostle George] A. Smith said I want to be baptized with the rest of you. The rest of the brethren wished the same. Presidet Young Chatechized G. A. Smith J M. Bernhisel C. C. Rich & A. Lyman. All passed well.... (4)

-- Mar 11, 1858
[Brigham Young Letter] Bishop P. Farnsworth, -- In reference to rebaptizing those brethren and sisters who have arrived from San Bernardino and settled in your place, you are probably aware that in the days Or what had been termed the reformation the brethren in San Bernardino engaged in that work, and many were then rebaptized, upon the sane principle as were the Saints in the various Settlements in Utah So far as that was the case, you will readily understand that there is no more necessity at present for the re- baptism of such persons than there is for the general rebaptism of those who in the reformation were rebaptized in our various settlements. Of course those who were not then re-baptized would not come under the above suggestion. (3)

-- March 17, 1858
Church historians wrote that Young "was attacked with the most violent fever [he] ever experienced" and after days of suffering and being administered to he "desired to be baptized in the river." ["History of Brigham Young," Deseret News, March 17, 1858, 9] (5)

-- Jan 20, 1860
Concerning Mormon woman who commits suicide due to chronic illness, Brigham Young says, "she had done wrong but by no means had committed the unpardonable sin and in course of time a proxy could be appointed who could be baptized for her." (6)

-- Sep 2, 1860
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2d Sunday. In Company with G. A. Smith, Lorenzo Snow F. D. Richards I rode to visit James D. Ross Company, to hold a meeting with them at 1 oclok P.M. meeting opened by singing a swiss song there being about 100 swiss present.

G. A. Smith spoke to the people in English which was interpeted to the swiss in their own language by Elder [ ] Bone[ll?]s. He gave them vary good Council. Told them to be faithful & live their religion, not to get Cheated by speculators nor to be in a hurry to get married to those men who profess to save women by the whole sale but wait untill you get acquainted with men and know that they are worthy and Capable of being saved themselvs. There is no hurry in these matters.

He gave the same Council to those who Could understand English. Spoke of their Journey across the Sea & plains that was Calculated to bring out what is in you. Now go to & repent of all your sins & get rebaptized and live your religin.... (4)

-- October 8th, 1861
Brigham Young Papers; Ms/d/1234/Bx 49/fd 8, Church Historical Department. Unpublished discourse of Brigham Young given in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, October 8th, 1861, in the morning session.

I will give you a few words doctrine, upon which there has been much inquiry, and with regard to which considerable ignorance exists. Brother Watt will write it, but it is not my intention to have it published; therefore pay good attention, and store it up in your memories.

Some years ago, I advanced a doctrine with regard to Adam being our Father and God. That will be a curse to many of the Elders of Israel, because of their folly with regard to it. They yet grovel in darkness--and will. It is one of the most glorious revelations [concerning] the economy of heaven, yet the world hold it [in] derision.

Had I revealed the doctrine of Baptism for the Dead instead of Joseph Smith, there are men around me [right now] who would have ridiculed the idea until dooms day. But they are ignorant and stupid like the dumb ass. (7)

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