Lorenzo Snow, Jan 20, 1887 (Thursday)

-- Jan 20, 1887 (Thursday)
The Lorenzo Snow habeas corpus case was argued before the Supreme Court of the United States, where Hon. Franklin S. Richards, of Utah, made an able argument against the segregation policy instituted by the Utah courts. (1)

-- Feb 7, 1887
U.S. Supreme Court reverses decisions of Utah courts that define as separately punishable crimes each instance of unlawful cohabitation with one wife. This declares "segregation policy" illegal, and therefore allows only one conviction for "continuous crime" of unlawful cohabitation with each plural wife. This overturns the conviction of Lorenzo Snow for "unlawful cohabitation" which leads to Snow's release from prison after eleven months. (2)

-- Feb 7, 1887 (Monday)
The U.S. Supreme court reversed the decision of the Utah courts in Apostle Lorenzo Snow's habeas corpus case, and declared the "segregation policy" illegal. (1)

-- Feb 8, 1887
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 8 I learned that the Supreme Court of the US had reversed the decision of the Utah Courts in the Lorenzo Snow Case And that the Law Could not give them permission to have but one Count. (3)

From the "News" Deseret we learn that the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday reversed the judgement of the courts in the segregation cases for unlawful cohabitation & Bro[ther] Lorenzo Snow is ordered discharged. (4)

-- Feb 8, 1887 (Tuesday)
Apostle Lorenzo Snow and Nicholas H. Groesbeck, agreeable to the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, were released from the Penitentiary. They had served considerably longer than their term, awaiting the decision of the court. (1)

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