Lorenzo Snow, Sunday, Apr 7, 1889

-- Sunday, Apr 7, 1889
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Conference opened at 10 a.m.

At the afternoon meeting W. Woodruff, G. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith were sustained as first Presidents of the church. Lorenzo Snow as President of the Twelve, F. D. Richards as Historian. The vote was taken by Quorums. All of the other general Authorities were sustained. Presidents Woodruff and L. Snow spoke.

An overflow meeting was held in the assembly hall. (1)

-- 1889, April 7
Wilford Woodruff sustained President of Church. (2)

-- Apr 7, 1889
[Quorum of the Twelve] The First Presidency is reorganized with Wilford Woodruff President, George Q. Cannon First Counselor, and Joseph F. Smith Second Counselor. Lorenzo Snow becomes President of the Quorum. (3)

-- Apr 10, 1889
President Lorenzo Snow stated the object of the meeting. It was to arrange for meetings of the Council of the Twelve and to have kept a record of their proceedings. He asked for the direction of the First Presidency in these matters.

After due consideration it was voted that henceforth the Council of the Twelve should meet on Thursdays at two o clock p.m. in the Gardo House and on Saturdays also when practicable, at 4 o clock. (4)

-- Apr 28, 1889
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] Sunday April 28, 1889 Brother Geo Q Cannon called for me this morning & we drove to the UC Depot and took train for Ogden. Thence to Brigham city to attend Conference. We reached Brigham city a little after 11 o'clock and were met at the platform by Brother Lorenzo Snow, and all the leading men of the place. The Brass Band was also out, which greeted the train with music as it drew up to the platform. There were probably 2,000 people drawn up, the men and boys on one side and the women and girls on the other, making two files of people extending from the platform clear up to the town. They were dressed in their gayest attire, had banners and gave us a most cordial and enthusiastic reception. A procession was formed headed by the brass band, and we, that is Prest. Geo Q Cannon, L Snow and myself, rode in a carriage drawn by Brother Joseph Jensen. On arriving in town Brother Cannon & myself made some remarks standing in the carriage while doing so. This reception was all unexpected by us. I then went to my daughter Phebe's residence.

We attended meeting at 2 pm. The meeting House would not contain one half of the people. I addressed the Congregation for a little over half an hour & Bro. Cannon the remainder of the time, 1 hour. In the evening there was a Priesthood meeting to which also the sisters were invited. Brother Seymour B. Young spoke an hour & a quarter & Pres Cannon about ten minutes. (5)

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