Lorenzo Snow, May 30, 1890

-- May 30, 1890
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] [Meeting continued] Lorenzo Snow referred to the incident about brother Merrill's father and mother and his feelings that they were not worthy to be sealed. He said that he felt as we progressed that we would grow in charity. He referred to the father of Erastus Snow not embracing the gospel although he had heard it preached. William Snow his son asked the prophet Joseph if it would be right for him to be baptized for his father and Joseph said "Why certainly it is perfectly right, he was a good man and you should not neglect to attend to the matter for him." We have come to do a work for those who have not been pleased in this world as we have been. We are to do a labor the same as Jesus. The nearer we can get to understand how the Lord feels the better we will be able to do our duties ... We are entitled to the blessings of heaven. We have special gifts. Brother Moses here is naturally a Prophet. We should not take credit to ourselves for the gifts that God has given us. (1)

-- Sep 24, 1890
Manifesto is issued as a press release

Wilford Woodruff met with councilor Joseph F. Smith and three members of the Council of the Twelve, presenting papers containing what Woodruff felt were the solution to the churchs current problems. Wilford Woodruff drew upon the previously discarded documents concerning polygamy, both generated within the outside the church, and delivered a 510 word document. George Reynolds, Charles Penrose and John Winder were instructed to take the document and arrange it for publication, to be submitted to us after they had prepared it. When it was read later that day, President Cannon suggested several emendations, which were adopted. Only three apostles were present Franklin D. Richards, Moses Thatcher, and Marriner W. Merrill. After a few small additional changes, George Reynolds sent the telegram for publishing in the eastern national newspapers. ... (2)

-- Sep 25, 1890
At 2 p.m. met with 3 1st Pres[iden]ts. & Pres[iden]t. L[orenzo]. Snow for prayer at Gardo House some had not their clothing and the Pres[iden]t. W[ilford]. W[oodruff]. prayed. deliberated about the Manifesto as L[orenzo]. S[now]. was not present then. also about employing Andrew Jensen but not decided.

Upon examining the papers this morning we found there was a very meager account of President [Wilford] Woodruff s manifesto. We sent for Brother W. B. Dougall and got him to prepare a dispatch to the Associated Press agent at Chicago [Illinois], asking him to publish it in full, and whatever charges there were would be met. He telegraphed to Brother Dougall to know whether President Woodruff meant to accuse them of telegraphing the Commissioners Report for political purposes. I framed a dispatch, disclaiming any such intention, but attributing it to some agent in this city, who desired to promote the schemes of a local clique here.

Brother [Hiram B.] Clawson was requested to translate the manifesto into cipher and send it to Colonel [Isaac] Trumbo for publication in California.

Brother Lorenzo Snow failed to come down yesterday, but reached here today, and the manifesto was submitted to him. He read it carefully and approved of it, and also thought it a judicious move to have it issued at the present time.

A copy of the manifesto was also sent to Brother John T. Caine, and he was requested to have it published as widely as possible. (3)

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