Lorenzo Snow, Jun 8, 1889

-- Jun 8, 1889
[Utah] Apostle Lorenzo Snow says that "his sister, the late Eliza R. Snow Smith, was a firm believer in the principle of reincarnation and that she claimed to have received if from the Joseph the Prophet, her husband. He said he saw nothing unreasonable in it, and could believe it, if it came from the Lord or His oracle." (1)

-- Oct 7, 1889
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] I was ordained an Apostle under the hands of President Wilford Woodruff and Counselors George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith and eight Apostles, viz., Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D. Richards, Brigham Young, Moses Thatcher, F. M. Lyman, H. J. Grant, J. H. Smith, and John W. Taylor, President Woodruff being mouth. This was done on Monday at the Gardo House after the close of the General Conference at Salt Lake City, Utah. Brothers Anthon H, Lund and Abram H. Cannon were ordained Apostles at the same time. I did not attend the Conference at this time on account of being unwell, but was telegraphed for by President George Q. Cannon and met this genuine surprise after arriving in Salt Lake City on Sunday evening, October 6th. (2)

-- Oct 21, 1889
Pres[ident] Wilford Woodruff & wife, Pres[ident] Jos[eph]. F. Smith & Elder Brigham Young [Jr.] left by a special train provided by Bro[ther] John W. Young this morning at 5:30 for Pocatello Idaho. Bro[ther] John W. Young & some ladies were also passengers for the trip to Pocatello & return [to Lee s Creek, Alberta via Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver & the Canadian Pacific railway to Dunmore & thence to Lethbridge & team to Lees Creek-three or four weeks] Lorenzo Snow with L. John Nuttall left in charge. (3)

-- Nov 13, 1889
7:30 Lorenzo Snow, Moses Thatcher, John Henry Smith, Heber J. Grant, John W. Taylor, Marriner W[ood]. Merrill, Abra[ha]m H. Cannon, Aaron D. Thatcher, E[dwin]. G. Woolley, John Clark, John E. Carlich, Richard W. Young, James H. Moyle, LeGrand Young Ja[me]s H. Anderson, W[illiam]. Writer, F Jennings, Charles W. Penrose & L. John Nuttall in Gardo [House] regarding Judge Anderson s naturalization case in 3rd Dist[rict] Court ...

Bro[ther] Moyle asked several questions of Bro[ther] John Henry Smith, Anthon H Lund & Marriner W[ood] Merrill which were very satisfactory. then Bro[ther] A. D. Thatcher, John Clark, W[illiam] W Riter, E[dwin] G Woolley, Frank Jennings & J H Anderson were asked some questions in point as to oaths & all of whom answered very well & pointedly. Bro[ther] Riter had formed an impression in regard to avenging the blood of the prophets & church when he got his endowments which had continued with him so that he was not clear as to other brethren. (3)

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