LDS Tithing History, 1899

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- During 1899
President Snow is perhaps best known for his success in relieving the Church's heavy indebtedness. His 1899 retrenchment stopped borrowing for investments, consolidated debts in a million-dollar bond issue, sold controlling interest in many operations, and launched a major reemphasis on tithing. Though he did not live to see the Church debt-free, he was responsible for the financial undertakings which ultimately restored Church solvency. (1)

-- Wednesday, Jan 10, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] The meeting was held at the tithing office at 10 a.m., a majority of the stock being represented, namely, 111 shares. Lorenzo Snow was elected chairman, and I, secretary of the meeting. As secretary for the year 1899, I submitted my report for the six months ending Dec. 31st, showing a net profit of $1850. A dividend of 5% was declaredâ€"namely $1000â€"and $600 was passed to the real estate account for wear and tear and general depreciation of the property. The following were elected directors for the year 1900: Lorenzo Snow, A. Madsen, J. L. Edwards, Jas. Nelson, John Crawford, and myself. At a later meeting Lorenzo Snow was elected president of the board of directors, Jno. L. Edwards, vice president, myself, secretary and treasurer, and Jas. Nelson, mgr. (2)

-- February 20, 1900
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill] Tuesday. Richmond. I received word from President Snow to be in Salt Lake City tomorrow to attend an important meeting with the First Presidency at 10 a. m. I left by buggy for Logan at 10 a. m. after arranging for putting up some stoves in my new house on Meadow Farm ready for my family when they come from Franklin on Thursday, February 22nd, 1900. It snowed hard this morning. On arriving in Logan and before I left for Salt Lake I bought 50 yards of homemade carpet from the Tithing Office to be sent to my new house on Meadow Farm, Richmond, for $23.80 coupons (50c for 26 yards and 45c for 24 yards). (3)

-- Thursday, Mar 8, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Apostle Grant and myself reported our visit to Arizona and Mexico. In order that the brethren might have a clear understanding of the situation, I read from my journal. Brother Grant and myself both strongly recommended that some assistance be rendered to the people of St. Johns. After some discussion it was unanimously decided that one half of the tithing paid in that stake for the year 1900â€"approximately $4500.00â€"be appropriated to assist them. Benediction by F. M. Lyman. (2)

-- Monday, Mar 19, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] F. M. L[yman]. The ordination of a bishop; to set apart alone is not sufficient, but a man to be a bishop must be ordained to that office. Tithing. The evil of indebtedness. Advised the saints to get out of debt and then to keep out of debt. Children should be blessed under the direction and approval of the bishop, whether at home or in the fast meeting. Men who are called away on missions to be gone two or three years should lay their hands on the heads of their wives and children and bless them. (2)

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