LDS Tithing History, Monday, Sep 18, 1899

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Monday, Sep 18, 1899
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I went to Farmington at 8 a.m. Conference in the Bowery at 10 a.m. Prayer by Arthur Winter. President Lorenzo Snow set the pace by talking on Tithing and requested the other speakers to do the same. (1)

-- Tuesday, Sep 26, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] 2 p.m. Meeting of the brethren at the high council chamber in the tithing office. Present: Apostle M. W. Merrill, myself, Presidents Jos. W. McMurrin and C. D. Fjeldsted, Elders I. Smith and S. Molen of the stake presidency, 8 high councillors, 16 bishops or counselors out of the 26 wards composing the stake. Meeting called to order by S. Molen. (2)

-- Tuesday, Oct 3, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] The speakers were F. M. Lyman, J. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, and H. J. Grant. Topics treated. F. M. L[yman]. Condition of Pres. Richards, who has gone to California for his health, [was] reported improving. Fellowship of the brethren. Financial condition of the brethren and the church. The disposition of people when they get into trouble to come to the church for relief. Tithing. ... J. H. S[mith]. Condition of Pres. Richards' health. Obligations of the church. Tithing. Amusements among the saints. Humility. ... G. T[easdale]. Indebtedness of the people of Nephi to the merchants, namely, about $250,000.00. Fashions of the world. Tithing. Colonizing Mexico. Spoke of his own health as not being very good, owing, he thought, to the loss he had sustained in the death of his wife. (2)

-- Wednesday, Oct 4, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] The speakers were M. W. Merrill, A. H. Lund, and M. F. Cowley. Topics treated. M. W. M[errill]. Dividing of the Salt Lake Stake; was in favor of it. Tithing. Church indebtedness. B. Y. Memo[rial] Fund. The employment of doctors by our people. ... A. H. L[und]. Faith. Word of Wisdom. Tithing. Church Schools. Salt Lake Theater; would prefer that the church do not buy it, as it is so difficult to control the character of performances given there, and the church would many times be exposed to adverse criticism. Hoped Brother Grant would see his way clear to hold the property. ... The speakers were Apostles A. O. Woodruff, R. Clawson, and J. H. Smith. Topics treated. A. O. W[oodruff]. Dividing the Salt Lake Stake; was in favor of it. Also favored the purchase of the Salt Lake Theater by the church. Colonizing the Big Horn country. Tithing. (2)

-- Thursday, Oct 5, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] The tables were then spread with bread and wine, and the Lord's Supper was partaken of, Pres. Cannon being mouth in asking the blessing. We had a very enjoyable time together. During the time we were at the table several topics were discussed. It was decided that there were three subjects that ought to be treated in the general conference; namely, tithing, morality, and amusements. (2)

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