LDS Tithing History, Sunday, Apr 8, 1900

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Sunday, Apr 8, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Rudger Clawson spoke on tithing. Joseph F. Smith followed on the same subject. (1)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Apostle Brigham Young questioned him in relation to the principle of tithing, and Elder Smoot said he was willing to be judged by his tithing record. Apostle Young further said to Brother Smoot, "Nothing must interfere with your duty as an apostle. You must be willing, humble, and obedient as a child. This was the charge given to me. I felt that everything that pertained to my power of life was subject to this calling." (2)

-- Monday, Apr 9, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Heber J. Grant, Francis M. Lyman, George Teasdale, and Wm. B. Preston spoke upon the law of tithing. (1)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson] privilege should only be given to those who have been tried and tested, being full of integrity and not likely to fall away. In reference to non-tithe-payers, he said we cannot receive them into our temples; and if bishops send people to the temple who have not paid tithing and we find it out, we will send them back and have the bishops reported. Said that the land of Zion could only be sanctified by the paying of tithing. ... I made remarks on the subject of record keeping and the new forms of ward records and recommend blanks; also upon the subject of "Record Day." Apostle Teasdale said a few words in relation to the book of non-tithe-payers. Apostle Lyman spoke briefly on the matter of record keeping. Bp. [William B.] Preston remarked that there were some errors in the book of non-tithe-payers, and, therefore, the list would be sent back to the bishops for revision and correction, and that proper reasons might be set forth why people did not pay t
ithing. (2)

-- Thursday, Apr 12, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool. 10 a.m. Meeting of the apostles at the temple. Present: B. Young, F. M. Lyman, J. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, J. W. Taylor, A. H. Lund, A. O. Woodruff, R. Clawson. The object of the meeting was to divide out the stakes of Zion to the apostles, in accordance with the suggestion made by Pres. Snow at the priesthood meeting during conferenceâ€"namely, for the purpose of looking into the matter of tithing. (2)

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