LDS Tithing History, Jul 2, 1899

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Jul 2, 1899
A solemn assembly was held in the Salt Lake Temple, attended by the Church's 26 General Authorities, presidencies of the 40 stakes, and bishops of the 478 wards of the Church. The assembly accepted the resolution that tithing is the "word and will of the Lord unto us." (1)

-- Jul 02, 1899
Following Lorenzo Snow's May 8 revelation on tithing, General Authorities and stake and ward leaders gather for a solemn assembly held in the Salt Lake Temple and resolve to accept and keep the law of tithing as a commandment of the Lord. (2)

-- Jul 2, 1899
[Henry Ballard] Pres. Snow then stated the object of the meeting, namely the law of tithing which had been so much neglected in the past by this people which the Lord was now requiring them to observe, but was willing to forgive the past neglect. Pres. Snow read 106 sec. in D. & C., also 85 sec., made some comments upon them; said the Saints would be called to Jackson Co., in 10 or 15 years to build up the Center Stake of Zion; also read 119 sec. in D & C explaining what the Lord wanted as a tithing. Said that in 12 years we had robbed the Lord $10,000,000, read 86 sec. in D & C commencing at 6 verse. Presiding Bp. Wm. B. Preston spoke, said one-quarter of the L.D.S. did not pay their tithing; said they cut themselves off from the Church and their names should not be found upon its records. Apostle John H. Smith said missionaries should not baptize new members without first teaching them the law of tithing and sacrifice. Apostle M. F. Lyman said Bishops should bear the burden
of the word of the Lord to the people. It is too much for the Presidency and Apostles. Said tithing is not enough alone, but we should obey this law first; said the time had come when people wishing to get their blessings in the House of the Lord must comply with that law before getting a recommend to get the blessing. They must go upon their merits the same as earning the money before making a purchase. The Holy City will be built by the law of consecration. Prepare yourselves for the redemption of Zion and the Coming of the Son of Man. (3)

-- Wednesday, Jul 5, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] I spent the day in getting out a statement of the revenue and expenses of the Church for the year 1898. In round numbers the revenue amounted to about $837,000.00, and the expenses, to $514,000.00, leaving a margin of about $323,000.00. The revenue is chiefly derived from tithing, $22,000.00 is derived from dividend-paying stocks, and $2,000.00 from rents. (4)

-- Sunday, Jul 9, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] I made remarks expressing great satisfaction with the new meeting house in which we were assembled. Gave as a reason for the accomplishment of this great work, the faithfulness of the people in observing the law of tithing. Referred to Bp. Jensen as being a priesthood man willing to take counsel, and when he got word from the presidency of the stake to go ahead and build a new meeting house, he accepted it, and you see the result. ... 2 p.m. Pres. Snow made remarks. Spoke of the great and varied experience we had passed through since embracing the gospel, and took it for granted that none present would like to go back and pass through those things again. Said if the saints would get out of debt, keep the commandments of God, control their amusements, and pay their tithing, it would not hurt his feelings at all to hear that they had erected a theatre in this ward for amusements. Under proper control amusements were acceptable to the Lord. Asked God to
bless the people of Bear River City and told them not to be discouraged. Spoke of tithing and said the saints were driven from Jackson County because they failed to obey the law of consecration. The saints are now under the law of tithing. The same fate will follow you and me and the Church, if we fail to obey the law of tithing. It is because of your faithfulness in observing this law that you have been so abundantly blessed in obtaining this new meeting house. (4)

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