LDS Tithing History, Friday April 6th 1900

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Friday April 6th 1900
[Anthony W. Ivins] - Conference convened at 10 A. M. Singing. Reed Smoot was sustained as an Apostle to fill the vacancy caused by the death of F. D. Richards. Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon said: "To me Joseph Smith was a perfect man. I regarded Brigham Young in the same light. "Pres. Snow told the Priesthood Meeting: "This Church must have a revenue of millions. What for? To buy up the land of Zion. It must be obtained by purchase. The time is near when each man will have all the wealth he disires. We have $36000.00 less interest to pay than we had 9 months ago." At the Priesthood Meeting Pres. Cannon said: "The Brig. Young Monument Fund has become a burden & I do not approve of it. If the people pay their tithing they do well & church authorities should not be used to collect funds for special purposes. If people desire to untie for a special purpose it is all right but unless it is a move in general interest of the Church it should not be placed upon the people." (1)

-- Saturday, Apr 7, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Prest. Lorenzo Snow spoke on non-tithe payers. He exhibited a book in which he said ten thousand names were recorded who claimed standing in the church but paid no tithes. (2)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson] The speakers were Pres L. Snow, Bp. [William B.] Preston, and Pres. G. Q. Cannon. Topics treated. Pres. Snow. Dwelt upon the law of tithing. Referred to a large book which he exhibited to view containing the names of the non-tithe-payers of the church, amounting to 10,000 in number. Spoke very pointedly and forcibly in relation to the book and thought it showed a very serious and lamentable condition, notwithstanding the great improvement made during the past year. It was estimated, he said, that there were 30,000 non-tithe-payers in 1898. Felt that, if the authorities in the stakes had done their duty in bringing the matter to the attention of the people more fully, the showing would have been very differentâ€"perhaps there would have been not more than half the non-tithe-payers here exhibited. Said the matter of paying tithing was very important, as among other things the redemption of Zion (namely, Jackson County) would be brought about by purchase
with the tithes of the people. ... In order to improve and correct conditions as they exist at present, had concluded to divide up the 42 stakes of Zion among the Twelve and make them responsible to look into the matter of tithe-paying. Spoke of the greatness and importance of the calling of a bishop. ... Bp. Preston made brief remarks and spoke of the neglect of teachers and priests in carrying this law to the people. Elders in Israel who fail to pay tithing are not worthy to hold the priesthood. ... Pres. G. Q. Cannon thought the showing made a dreadful one. He felt that the paying of tithes as essential as the laying on of hands or in fact as any other principle of the gospel. Men who have no means should have the privilege of paying their tithing in laborâ€"namely, by giving one day in ten. (3)

-- Apr 7, 1900
At general priesthood meeting, Lorenzo Snow presents "a book containing 10,000 names of non-Tithe payers," including that of Apostle John, W. Taylor. (4)

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