Dreams in LDS History, Dec 17, 1856

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Dec 17, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17th I felt unwell Yet I called upon Brother Blair. We then went to Brother Ballantyne. Found him quite sick. We laid hands upon him rebuked his desease & the spirit of God rested upon us & we rebuked his desease & he was better. He dreamed that He was about to die. Saw his Coffin & grave which was dug deep. Just before he was to die He dreamed He was invited to a wedding but He was to sick to go. He dreamed that W Woodruff with some other one came to him & administered to him & he was saved from death.

After we administered to him we then went to Bishop Hoaglands & found him quite sick confined to his bed with the Rheumatism & also much troubled with Evil Spirits. We administered to him by the laying on of hands & rebuked the desease & Evil spirits. We felt a good spirit in administering to him.... (1)

-- Dec 21, 1856
[Sermon] Orson Hyde: A Dream - Wheat and the Chaff - Way of Escape From Tribulation - Necessity of Consecration, JD 4:213 - 215 (2)

-- Jan 13, 1857
[Brigham Young Letter] Arapeen, Chief of the Utahs, -- I received your letter, which Bro. [Edgar?] wrote for you, as also your presents which you sent by Bro. Snow. You are my Bro. And I am you Bro. and the Bro[ther]s of all good men: I shall send you the things you sent for, if I can get them. I am glad to hear of your going around and preaching and doing good, I am glad to hear you feel well, and to learn you have so good an influence over your people. I hope they will listen to your teachings, and be willing to do as you say. We hope to see the time when you and all the Lamanites, will become the same as we, that we may be one in all things, that your people may learn to work and raise grain, vegetables, and stock, and live in houses as we do: We continually pray for you and Kanoah and all your Brothers, and Antero And Soweette and his boys, also for Peteteneek and all the head men, that the Lord may give you visions, and dreams, and send His Spirit to direct you, and lead
and them back to a knowledge of the Lord-God of your Fathers, and cause you to become a people in whom he will take delight. I am going North with a company of my Brethren, next spring, and if you can leave and go we would like to have you with us but not to bring any others with you, as we would not fix up very well to take any more. We think you would like to see this country, and with us, you know you will be perfectly safe. It is good for this people to reform and do better, and keep themselves clean, to hold meetings, and talk about the great Spirit who is our Father and our God, and we are all his children, and if we will do right and serve Him, He will save us in His Kingdom, This makes us brethren indeed, and if we are faithful to the end will result in great happiness and exaltation in the Kingdom of our Lord. (3)

-- Mar 15, 1857
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I attended the prayer Circle. President Young said he had the following dream: I thought we had a great crop of wheat. The whole Earth was filled with it all around. The Heads were vary long & there was so much of it that people did not seem to care any thing about it. Did not try to save it. I had to Continually urge the people to save the wheat. They said they had more than they wanted for this year. I told them to go to & save all the wheat they had then next year they could work on the Temple."

President said that the King Philip Corn was nothing more than the Jumbo Corn. Some man plants an acre & takes great Care of it & he gets a great Crop of it. The way they got corn so early they will take the ear that sets first & pull the silk out of all the rest then plant the but part of that Ear & they will make early corn. Now that is the way with the best breed of Cattle, they keep picking out the best for stock, & that increases the goodness of them. Owen wanted his society to adopt this plan to take all the noble men & women & raise up a society. When they had a dwarf send him away.

President Young said to Elder O Hyde you have been to both Jerrusalem & Zion & seen both. I have not seen either for I never have been in Jackson County. Now it is a plesant thing to think of to know whare the old garden of Eden is. Did you ever think of it, or sens it? I do not think many do. Now Jackson County is the garden of Eden Joseph has declaired this & I am as much bound to believe it as much as I am to believe Joseph is a prophet of God. Many in Jackson county have found out that they cannot Cultivate the Temple Block & other places in that County. We must let the Lord take his own time to prepare the way for our return to that County & to build up that Temple.

I went to the 15 ward & preached during the evening to the people. (1)

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