Rebaptism, 1884 May 21

-- 1884 May 21
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21 I went to the Temple. M. W. Merrill was Apointed & ordained & set apart to Preside over the Logan Temple. Presidet Taylor was Mouth. S Roskelley [was] set apart as Temple Recorder By G Q. Cannon. The first Baptisms in the Logan Temple was administered By David Cannon. F. D. Richards was the first Baptized for his health and the renewal of his Covenants. He was Confirmed By John Taylor & G Q Cannon. Sister Rachael Grant was Baptized for her hearing seven times. Many Endowmets were given during the day. Quite a Number of the young Brethren had a wife sealed to them among the number M F. Cowley.

Presidet Taylor officiated in sealing a wife to two of his Sons. W Woodruff gave 2d Anointing to Wm B Preston and wives and to L John Nuttall wife & 2 dead. J D T McAllister gave 2d Anointing to C O Card & wife. D H Wells sealed 19 Couple & J Taylor 2 & 9 Sealings for the Dead. (1)

[John Nuttle Diary] Prests Taylor, Cannon & Smith and the apostles, brethren & Sisters met at the Temple this morning and complete preparations were made for the work in the ordinances

Prest Jos. F Smith [DEL: as :DEL] (sic) E


J. D. T. McAllister M & A

Geo Teasdale Y

D. H. Cannon P

A. M. Cannon J

Oli N. Liljenquest J.

N. C. Edlifson L

Thomas Moore P.

Minerva Snow E

L. John Nuttall- Recorder -

Patriarch John Smith Sword & Counting

Prests Taylor Canon & Smith apostles W. Woodruff, L Snow, E Snow F. D Richards, M Thatcher, G. Teasdale H. J. Grant & J. W. Taylor Coun D H Wells - Patriarch John Smith - Bp W. B Preston & C O Card & M W Merrill Met in the garden - when Prest Taylor submitted the name of Bro M. W. Merrill as President of the Logan Temple which was unanimously approved and Brother Merrill was Ordained, blessed and set apart to preside over the Logan Temple and all its affairs - with power and authority to officiate in all Ordinances performed therein & to appoint and set in order the administrators for the Washings, anointings and Endowments [DEL: and sealings :DEL] (sic) administered to the Saints in this Holy House for the living and the dead Elders Nuttall & Leishman having prepared the lists of names of those for baptizms and for Endowments - the saints present were seated in the Recorders Room & in the Hall. when Prest George Q. Cannon offered the Morning prayer afterwhich the ordinance of Baptizm was performed Apostle F. D. Richards the first male for the dead - and Sister Sophia Elizabeth Taylor Nuttall the first female for the dead - others were baptized for their health - and for renewal of Covenants also for the dead Prest Taylor, Cannon & Smith in confirming Apostle F D Richards for the renewal of his covenants - Elder L. John Nuttall & Samuel Rockelly Recorders - Elders Thos Moore & Charles Oscar Dunn as Confirmers M. W. Merrill - C. O. Card & Bro Turner witnesses. The brethren & Sisters called as workers then attended to the Washings & Anointings & Endowments. The ordinances of Baptizms, Washings, anointings, Endowments, Sealings & Second Anointings for the Living and the dead were performed during the day - Elders Ebenezer Young Taylor and Sister also Elder Frank young Taylor and Sister Campbell were united in marriage by Prest John Taylor - these brethren being sons of Prest Taylor - The subject of adoption was presented Elder L John

Nuttall being desirous to have that ordinance attended to - some conversation was had on this matter afterwhich Prest Taylor proposed to consider the subject and he would meet at the Temple to-morrow morning and take such steps as he should deem proper - Prest Taylor & Cannon apostle E. Snow & Elder L John Nuttall were together in considering this subject - [DEL: In the evening :DEL] , (sic) Pres Taylor & wives - Pres Cannon & wife, Pres Smith & wife Prest W Woodruff Elder Nuttall wives & others spent the evening at Supper and in Conversation at the residence of Bro Robert Campbell in honor of the marriage of the Bros E Y & F Y Taylor - (2)

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