Rebaptism, Oct 1968

-- During Oct 1968
[Nauvoo General] Announcement of a plan to partially restore the Nauvoo Temple appeared in the Improvement Era: "The temple's footing and floor will be built over the exact spot where once stood the original temple, and will follow the exact measurements of the original build. Indeed, some of the original stone work, including some of the original footings, will be used in the reconstruction. The brick basement floor will also contain some of the original basement bricks. Portions of the legs of the original 12 oxen that surrounded the font will be used in the font restoration. Nearby will be the temple well which provided water for the font. The front facade of the temple is to be rebuilt to the original height of the upper pediment, so that tourists may ascend the stairway and obtain a glimpse of the view that so enchanted early-day Nauvoo visitors." The article included a rendering of the new structure.

This project was never undertaken. (1)

-- Dec 5, 1968
Attention was called to a letter from President Reuel E. Christensen of the Manti Temple reporting that a bishop and stake president in one of the BYU Stakes had inquired if they could send colored people who are members of the Church in good standing residing in their wards to do baptismal work for the dead in the temple. I ruled that worthy negro baptized members of the Church should be permitted to do baptismal work for the dead if they desire to do so. [David O. McKay diary, Dec. 5, 1968; emphasis in original] (2)

-- During Mar. 1969
Brethren who have taken upon themselves the covenants of the temple and who are asked to perform baptisms for the living should not assume, because their clothes will get wet or for any other reason, that they should not wear garments under their white baptismal clothing. Regular garments are to be worn by everyone who has received his temple endowments, while performing baptisms. ... [Priesthood Bulletin, Mar. 1969, 6-7] (2)

-- May 17, 1971
Sidney Rigdon: Baptized by proxy into LDS church 17 May 1971, and priesthood restored to him before proxy endowment 21 May (3)

-- During Sept. 1972
Josiah Butterfield: Baptized by proxy again 13 Sept. 1972 (3)

-- During 1972
Enclosed is a copy of the letter dated February 10, 1972 to us from President Harold Glen Clark of the Provo Temple. As you will see, President Clark inquires whether it is permissible for a Negro and his wife to join a group from the Brigham Young University 6th Stake to serve as proxies in the Temple Baptistry. Provided that this couple can meet every requirement for admission to the temple, there would be no reason why they should not be given temple recommends for the limited purpose of serving as proxies in temple baptisms. [Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, and N. Eldon Tanner, letter dated Feb. 29, 1972, copy in Buerger Papers] (2)

-- Jan 19, 1977
John E Page: Baptized by proxy into LDS church 19 Jan. 1977 (3)

-- Mar 24, 1977
Hazen Aldrich: Baptized by proxy into LDS church 24 Mar. 1977, priesthood restored before proxy endowment 7 June 1977. (3)

-- Apr 9, 1979
John Gould: Baptized by proxy into the LDS church 9 Apr. 1979 (3)

-- May 14, 1985
John C Bennett: Baptized by proxy into LDS church 23 Apr. 1985, and his priesthood was restored before proxy endowment 14 May 1985. (3)

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