Rebaptism, Nov 17, 1884

-- Nov 17, 1884
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17 We visited the Manti Temple which was in Excellet Progression. The Pipes & heater was in & most of the windows. Presidet Taylor directed that the sealing room for the dead should be over the Baptismal font.... (1)

-- 1884 December 9
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 9 Azmon Called upon me this Morning & I wrote a Letter to Henry Woodruff. F D. Richards & myself had a Meeting with Bishop Rawlins & Nathan Tanner to settle an old difficulty of 10 years standing. We advised Br Tanner to go and Be Baptized & renew his Covenants and He promised to do so. (1)

-- Friday, Jun 3, 1885
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] "Frank made confession of his follies before the evening meeting of Ogden on Sunday last and was forgiven. He will be rebaptized, (2)

-- Jun 30, 1885
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30 I spent the day in the Temple. They Baptized 413 for the dead. I spent the night at Br Wm. Squair's. Baptized in June 2,985, 1,373 June 16. [This Woodruff's last recorded Baptism for the dead] (1)

-- Aug 30, 1885
[Sermon] Franklin D. Richards: Parable of the Ten Virgins - Rapid Development of the Arts and Sciences - The Lord Hastening His Work in Its Time - Enmity Between the Church of Christ and the World - The Gathering Together of People From Every Nation After They Have Been Baptized Into One Spirit - The Law of Tithing - Blessings Which Follow Obedience Thereto - Binding Upon All, Rich and Poor Alike - Giving to the Poor - Power of the Principles of the Gospel and Effects of Their Observance - Jehovah - Jesus Christ - His Ministry - His Followers - Their Mission - Preaching to the Spirits in Prison - Baptism for the Dead - Saviors Upon Mount Zion - Responsibility Resting Upon the Saints - a Word of Encouragement to the Missionaries, JD 26:296 - 303 (3)

-- May 11, 1886
The theme of my correspondence on the present occasion will be a subject that has engrossed my mind for many years and especially of late. I have just returned from St George wither I had been with a portion of my family to work for my dead relatives and friends in the Temple of the Lord. I find in looking over my record that my Father died an Elder; I re - c[eive]d for him some 7 years ago his second anointings. He was a good man and was called hence without a moments warning by a St[r]oke of lightning at the age of 63. He was Killed [i]n Beaver City some 27 years ago and I am very desirous to receive for him the ordination as an High Priest that he may belong to the same quorum as my Brother Joshua and myself if it meets with your approval. Bro Erastus Snow was some little acquainted with Father and to him I refer as his advocate. My Brother Joshua had his failings, like many more, but my mind has been set at rest for many years in regard to his present condition and situation in the spirit world. He was never cut off [from] the Church altho he demeaned himself very improperly for some time before his death and no doubt brought about his early demise thro[ugh] his bad habit of drinking. Nevertheless from manifestations I have received since his death I am satisfied that he has sorrowfully repented and is now engaged in doing all the good he can on the other side. If it meets with your approval I would very much like him to receive his second anointings. I was rebaptized for him in the Temple at St George some 8 years ago[.] I take pleasure in mentioning the names of Judge Elias Smith and Pres[iden]t Daniel H. Wells as his advocates. I have another Brother dead named Benjamin[.] He lived in Greenville Beaver Co[unty] [and] also died in the faith. I should be pleased to receive for him his second anointings and will mention the name of Pres[iden]t John R. Murdock of Beaver Stake as his advocate. I hope dear brother you will not deem me presumptous in asking for blessings for my dead relatives * they are very dear to me and I am fully satisfied that the three I have mention'd are doing all they can according to their calling and Priesthood to further on the work of the Lord where they are * I have done for them all I can * I have recd the blessings mention'd for myself and earnestly wish that these near and dear to my heart should share in the same blessings and privileges that I by the clemency of the Priesthood have been permitted to receive. Praying the Lord to shield and protect you and the brethr[e]n with you in the future as he has in the past and with due respect I desire to subscribe myself you[r] Brother in the Gospel. [Christopher J. Arthur to John Taylor, May 11, 1886] (4)

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