Rebaptism, Apr 19, 1892

-- Apr 19, 1892
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Our dry stock goes away in the herd today. We baptized 280 today. (1)

-- Mar 3, 1893
First Presidency secretary L. John Nuttall writes in his diary, "Went through the Temple, think the Celestial room is too gaudy. The Font is too small." (2)

-- May 23, 1893
The first ordinance work, baptisms for the dead, was performed in the Salt Lake Temple. On May 24, the first endowment work and sealings were performed. (3)

-- Jun 13, 1893
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Tuesday. I received a letter from Apostle Snow requesting me to come to Salt Lake and assist them in the Temple for a few days. I go tomorrow if all is well. We baptized 400 today. Weather warm and looks like rain. (1)

-- September 19, 1893
Zina Diantha Huntington Jacob Smith Young leads a prayer circle for Mary Ann Burnham Freeze in the Salt Lake Temple, who is then baptized for her health, confirmed, and administered to by male temple healers in the garden room. (4)

-- Dec 27, 1893
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Wednesday. I opened the Temple for work today; baptized 8 persons, endowed 35. My sons were here, viz., Marriner, Thomas H., Alma, Charley, Willard, and Heber, the lastnamed to get his own endowments. I received check from Bullion Beck Company for $184.00 and paid tithing $18.40. (1)

-- During 1893
[Six] questions submitted by the recorder through President [Lorenzo] Snow[,] answered by President Woodruff, written by his own hand. 1. When dates of death are unknown [and the] relationship absent or uncertain[,] and it is not known that the deceased reach[ed] maturity, what work, if any can be done for the dead? Ans[wer]. It is v[e]ry [possible] that [when] a name is presented for Work for the dead[,] * [no] evidence [exists] to show whether the person [was] a child or of mature age[.] For [the] endowment[,] wh[e]re such evidence cannot be obtained[,] do nothing. But endowments may be given w[he]re dates of birth & death cannot be found [but it is known that] they [were] of sufficient age for [the] ordinance. 2. What age must a dead female have attained before she can be endowed? Ans[wer]. She must at least be 8 years of age before she can be baptized[,] [and] for an endow[ment][,] and [the same] if living[,] not less than 12 years [but] unless for some special reason not less than 16. 3. What age must a dead male have attained before he can be endowed? Ans[wer]. Same as number 2. 4. What age must a dead female have attained before she can be sealed as a wife? Ans[wer]. Not less than 12 years. 5. What age must a dead male have attained before a female can be sealed to him as a wife? Ans[wer]. Not less than 12 years. 6. Is it proper when desired by children who are in the Church that the latter should be sealed to parents who did not hear the Gospel in life and consequently did not embrace it? Ans[wer]. Yes * unless th[ere] is some special reason why it should not be done. (There [is] no specific date given when these questions are answered. They appear in the book for the year 1893.) [Book of Temple Ordinances, 1893; p. 42] (5)

-- Jan 30, 1894
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Tuesday. We baptized 158 today. Sarah, Alma, Rilda, Ellen my wife with Elna, and Lowell came to Logan today, the last two to be baptized. Elna, my daughter, was 8 years old yesterday, and Lowell, Alma and Rilda's oldest, was 8 years old on January 24. Brother Elias Kimball baptized the children, Elna and Lowell, and Brother N. C. Edlefsen confirmed them. I sent Albert M. Merrill, Oswego, N. Y., a draft on N. Y. for $50.00. (1)

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