Rebaptism, Mar 19, 1889

-- Mar 19, 1889
Your letter of Feb. 27th, asking certain questions pertaining to Temple ordinances, has been received and considered. In regard to your last question, pertaining to a woman having been sealed and anointed [second anointing] to her husband, but subsequently divorced from him, he continuing a faithful, good man, etc, is she to be anointed to a second good man as though she never had been anointed? I answer, No. In such a case it will not be proper for the sister to be again anointed. Your second question as to my having any word for you in relation to adoption * I would say it will be well to leave the matter of adoption for the present as they have been, and not make any changes. This will also answer your question in regard to going back as far as records can be obtained correctly in adoptions. In relation to children who are old enough to be baptized & who are dead, receiving their endowments. I will say that in performing ordinances for the dead it is safe to follow the rules observed in regard to the living, unless there may be special occasions which can be attended to when the circumstances require. [Wilford Woodruff to John D. T. McAllister, Mar. 19, 1889] (1)

-- Jun 27, 1889
The questions which you ask me in your [letter] of the 20th inst. concerning the giving of endowments to persons of negro descent, have been considered. We feel that you should not administer the ordinance of endowments to any in their behalf. Their relatives can be baptized for them and also confirmed; but beyond this we think nothing more should be done. [Wilford Woodruff to David H. Cannon, June 27, 1889] (1)

-- Oct 9, 1889
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] I find that in reading over what I have written regarding the conference meetings that I have neglected to state that at the Priesthood meeting, Oct 5th, that was held Saturday night that among other things, that Prest. Woodruff spoke of there having been a number of baptisms for the dead in the river and that it was afterwards [sic] revealed to the Prophet that this was not proper and that these would have to be done over in a House of the Lord. He said that there were many things revealed to the Prophet that were not fully understood and that these were changed when there was more light came [sic]. The Prophet had said that little children would grow after the resurrection, this statement was made after he had said that there would be no growth after the resurrection. It was revealed to the Prophet that we would rise as we were laid down. He had seen children on thrones and he had concluded that there would be no growth until it had been revealed to him that this was not the case. I was pleased to have the President make these remarks as there are so many of the people that have felt badly on account of thinking that their little ones would not grow after they had passed away. (2)

-- 1890
Wilford Woodruff questions the neccessity of Baptisms for Health (3)

-- 1890 January 11
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] Jan 11 I signed 28 Recommends. I received 9 Letters. I wrote 3 Letters to Emma Ferguson, & Milton. Several Members of the Legislature Called upon us this Morning.

The following is the sum total of the work done in the three Temples at St George Manti, & Logan since they were dedicated and opened & work Commenced. This work + both for the Living & the Dead. Baptized 499,958, Endowed 209,544, Ordained 77,294. Couple sealed 69,271. Children sealed to Parents 22,845, Adoptions 8,751, Seconed Anointings 3,812. This is a glorious work both for the Living & the Dead. (4)

-- May 6, 1890
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] President Woodruff after breakfast took the 6:20 train for Salt Lake. I accompanied him to the depot with the Temple team. President Lorenzo Snow met us there and went home to Brigham City. We baptized 395 today in the Temple. Weather very fine. (5)

-- Jun 3, 1890
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] We had 915 baptisms today and are having a beautiful rain, which is much needed. Weather quite cool and snow fell low down on the mountains last night and today. I wrote to Joseph, my son, at Ann Arbor, Michigan, to come home during the vacation. Also wrote to Marriner and my wife Sarah on business matters. (5)

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