Rebaptism, Aug 11, 1959

-- Aug 11, 1959
James Foster: Baptized by proxy into the LDS church 12 June 1959, after which his priesthood was restored before his proxy endowment 11 Aug. 1959. (1)

-- Jul 11, 1960
The First Presidency have directed the Presiding Bishopric to instruct bishops that worthy members of the Church, desiring to be baptized for the dead, are to be twelve years of age or older. Worthy bearers of the Aaronic Priesthood 12 to 21 and young women of corresponding ages should especially be encouraged and invited to participate in this vicarious work. [Joseph L. Wirthlin, Thorpe B. Isaacson, and Carl W. Buehner39 to bishops, July 11, 1960] (2)

-- Nov 28, 1960
Inasmuch as our old supply of temple recommends is exhausted, we are now printing and will soon have ready for distribution, a new stock. This has afforded us the opportunity of making some changes in the form which we deem will be helpful and beneficial to the work. Hereafter there will be two forms. It will be necessary for you to have two books, one form for recommending admission to the temple for vicarious baptism for the dead, to be issued only to children between 12 and 21 years of age; the other form to be used by those who are going to the temple for their own endowments or to do work vicariously for the dead. ... On the form for recommending children only[,] we have made an insert to conform to the present ruling of the First Presidency as to the ages of those who are to be baptized for the dead. We are suggesting that this form be used for all members between the ages of 12 and 21 years, and that the regular temple recommend be used for recommending members for baptism for the dead only in cases where the individuals are 21 years of age or older. We think that the comparatively small number of those over 21 doing baptisms for the dead should not necessitate a separate form. We hope that you will find that these new forms and the initialing rather than checking of the specific ordinances to be performed will not only be helpful and protective to you but to the temple workers also. It is our desire that no temple recommend should be issued to persons touring the country to enter the temple merely to view the interior. It is not conducive to temple work to have visitors going through as tourists. [David O. McKay, J. Reuben Clark Jr., and Henry D. Moyle, circular letter, Nov. 28, 1960] (2)

-- During 1960
... Every Church member eight years of age or over must have a recommend to enter the temple. A group recommend may be issued only to holders of the Priesthood and girls of comparable age who desire to go to the temple as a group to do baptismal work for the dead. In all other cases an individual recommend is required for each person. Separate recommends must be given for each temple. * ... Recommends for Wife Only: A wife whose Church-member husband has not received his endowments will not be given a recommend to receive her endowments unless the husband expresses his consent in writing. This certification must be attached to the recommend. Stake presidents will interview such husbands to assure themselves that the husband has no objection to the endowments being given to his wife. Under no circumstances will a recommend be issued for endowments to a wife whose husband is not a member of the Church. This rule does not prevent such a worthy wife, whose husband is willing, from participating in baptisms for the dead in the temples. Women who received their own endowments before this rule was given, or who were endowed before being married even though married to non-members, may still be granted the privileges of going through the temple if they are worthy. .... [General Handbook of Instructions, Number 18 (Salt Lake City: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1960), 65-70, 74-75; emphasis in original] (2)

-- Apr 20, 1961
First Presidency and Twelve approve rebaptism and full reinstatement of priesthood blessings for John D. Lee, only executed participant in Mountain Meadows Massacre. Ordinances occur on May 8-9, 1961 (3)

-- May 29, 1963
... With the thought in mind of reducing the time spent by bishops, branch presidents and mission presidents in preparing recommends for members of the Church who desire to go to one or more temples, a recommend form has been prepared which may be used for any and all temples. .... [David O. McKay, Henry D. Moyle, and Hugh B. Brown, circular letter, May 29, 1963] (2)

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